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Posted On: 12 March 2013 03:41 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

41 new mosques to be constructed this year

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The Department of buildings at the Public Works Authority,“Ashghal”, will be building 41 new mosques this year in different areas in Doha and the surrounding villages. This comes as part of implementing the requirements of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs as reported by Qatar Chronicle. An official source in the Authority assured that the current period will witness the building of 28 mosques in different areas, while the construction of the remaining 13 mosques will happen soon .. the Special Projects Division at the Ministry of Awqaf is implementing many different projects, which include the establishment of mosques, and Al Ummah houses, and Quranic centers, in addition to the establishment of Islamic institutions, as well as the renovation of old buildings. The mosques, which are implemented by the Authority, include different prayer areas for men and women, and rooms for the Imams, and other rooms for the memorization of Quran, in addition to private spaces for parking and external lighting network. Ashghal constructed during the past few years a large number of buildings for the Ministry of Awqaf, including the Islamic Center, which is located in the western part of Ain Khalid area opposite to the industrial area and adjacent to the gas station and Al Maha secondary school for boys. The Islamic Center is an important source of knowledge and cultural radiation in the State of Qatar, which aims to promote education and self-discipline among the Muslim individual and consolidate Islamic Dawa’a values of our time in the context of Sharia. The center was built on a total area of 119.000 m², and includes several facilities on an area of 12.775 m² . The design of the center has taken into account the latest models of modern technologies and was responsive to its functional needs. The project consists of several facilities, which include mosque halls consisting of three prayer halls with a total area of 4237 m ² and that can accommodate up to 5500 worshipers. The section for abolition has a total area of 360 m ² and contains 163 places for abolition. Section (1) for toilets and abolition includes 72 toilets and 144 place for abolition, while section (2) covers an area of 355 m² and has 60 bathrooms and 72 places for abolition. There is also an administrative building that includes a reception hall and eight major hospitality rooms, and Shura rooms and meeting rooms equipped with the latest multimedia. There is also a kitchen and bathrooms and open interior courtyards and electricity room in addition to corridors and inner courtyards. The center includes six homes for imams, a kitchen and a restaurant with full health facilities and air-conditioned multipurpose store, and buildings for electricity and water and central air conditioning service and an electricity sub-station. As for external areas of the center, these include the Eid prayer area, which is a big area of 30.000 m ² , which has been designed for the Eid prayer and for large events. There are roads and agricultural works, as well as a parking area that can accommodate more than 1200 cars. The Authority finalized and delivered to the Ministry of Awqaf 7 mosques in a number of areas; Sailiya, Ain Khalid, Msaimeer,Abu Nakhla, mother Guelena, and the old Ghanim, and Kherarh .. those mosques were built along the latest in modern technologies while maintaining the traditional architectural design and heritage, inspired by the Islamic civilization, where the Qatari Arab Contractors Company executed this project. The Authority also executed a project for building a Quran memorizing center for women in the Muaither area in front of Al Rayyan Municipality in an area of 4562 m ² distributed on the ground floor (area of 2076 m ²) and the first floor (1369m ²), in addition to building a tank for drinking water and fire, whose area is 137 m ² , and a power station whose are is 94 m ² and 13 parking lots. The project is worth QR 19,940,000. The establishment of the Quran memorizing center was considered a priority in the State of Qatar, which has always given special attention and outstanding care to this sector, and this center specializes in teaching the Quran and is built along the modern style while maintaining the architectural design of traditional and heritage of our Islamic civilization. In the design, it takes into account the provision of a place for children, which provides room for children to study, as well as room for fun and play, thus giving the child an opportunity to be entertained under the supervision of supervisor in the center. This encourages the child also to study and memorize the Quran, while mothers are studying and memorizing the Quran without being worried about their children. It is noteworthy that the mission of the Building Affairs section in the Authority is to execute various government buildings and facilities. And it aims to execute buildings and architectural constructions in accordance with the highest standards of quality and technical specifications and engineering and construction standards. It conducts supervision of all stages of implementation and follow-up of periodic and emergency maintenance for buildings and architectural constructions. Source : Qatar Chronicle