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Posted On: 15 July 2009 11:29 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

40 firms sign up for Qtel’s ‘BillXpress’

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Qtel’s new ‘BillXpress’ solution which aims to improve efficiency and communication for organisations, was presented to some hundred Qatari companies at a workshop, where around 40 of the businesses chose to sign up to the service on the day. A spokesperson explained that ‘BillXpress’ allows a corporate client to see all their communications costs online in a real-time, easy-to-access format. “The solution means that businesses can clearly see those areas that are driving communication costs, and take the necessary decisions to manage these costs at the earliest opportunity,” he said. Qtel’s sector manager for small and medium enterprises (SME), Kamran Dhami, said: “We frequently discuss our customers’ changing needs with them and ‘BillXpress’ was developed out of this dialogue with both our corporate and SME customers.” He explained that ‘BillXpress’ includes easy registration and password encryption, secure online logins, and the ability to retrieve historic bills as well as generate pre-defined dynamic reports to allow customers to integrate costs into their business strategy. Dhami also mentioned the environmental benefits of the service. “As a leading Qatari company, we are very aware of our responsibility to promote environmentally-positive programmes whenever possible. ‘BillXpress’ reduces the use of paper and minimises waste and transport costs in the delivery and payment of bills.”