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Posted On: 13 August 2018 09:23 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:19 pm

37% in favour of hike in fine for jumping red signal

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Red Signal

Around 37 percent of people who participated in an online poll by the General Directorate of Traffic on its official Twitter account have voted in support for increasing the fine for jumping red signal.

Currently, jumping red signal attracts a fine of QR6,000 and deduction of 7 points. Around 33 percent of people voted in maintaining status quo in the fine imposed for jumping red light saying that the current fine is sufficient and there is no need to increase, while about 23 percent voted against the current fine saying that it is high and must be reduced. Around seven percent did not vote in favour or against by preferring to just leave a comment.

Around 4,000 participated in the online poll, which began in three days ago. The General Directorate of Traffic on its Twitter account posted a video showing a number of major traffic accidents due to crossing red signal.

The statistics for the first and second quarters of the this year indicate an increase in the number of violations due to over speed with 51,000 violations and more than 6,700 violations of crossing red signal.

The Ministry of Interior has advised people that “over speeding and crossing red signal are among the most common causes of road accidents that result in loss of lives and properties.”

The Ministry has continued its awareness campaigns focusing more on social media to educate people about most dangerous traffic violations in order to minimise accidents and spread the culture of road safety.

On its official Facebook account, the Ministry reminded motorists to abide by traffic rules and safety instructions asking them to stick to speed limit, fasten seat-belt, keep safe distance between vehicles, and not engage with mobile phones.

The Ministry started its campaign “Accident-Free Summer” five weeks ago and the first week focused on violation of stopping in a yellow box junction. The General Director of Traffic’s cameras at intersections monitor this violation which brings in a fine of QR500 and it is not permissible under law to settle the fine by paying half amount only.

The campaign also focused on the violation on using mobile phone while driving. More than half of fatal traffic accidents and serious injuries are caused due to the using of mobile phones during driving.

The ministry said that engagement with mobile phones caused 44.1 percent of the minor injuries, 52.2 percent of the serious injuries and 51.6 percent of the deaths, of the total traffic accidents recorded recently.

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