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Posted On: 22 March 2018 08:35 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:18 pm

3,798 job vacancies in public & private sector announced

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The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs yesterday announced 3,798 job vacancies, 3,337 of which are in the governmental sector and 461 in the private sector.

Addressing a press conference, Minister of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, H E Dr Issa bin Saad Al Jafali Al Nuaimi said that applying for all the vacancies will begin on Thursday for all job seekers that have registered their information in the Ministry.

The Minister confirmed that the job-seekers will be given the opportunity to browse all vacancies available in both sectors with full transparency, in order to apply for those that fit their qualifications and will then be nominated to the companies to complete the employment procedures.

Al Nuaimi explained that the Ministry will only nominate the job-seekers after confirming that they meet the criteria, and after succeeding at the interview with the company, the Ministry will follow up with the employment process.

The Minister said that a decision will be made on determining the number of Qataris working in the private sector as opposed to non-Qatari workers adding, the Ministry has prepared a plan for the nationalization of job posts in the absence of vacancies.

“The Department of National Human Resources Development, which is in charge of the nomination of Qatari job-seekers in both public and private sectors, has listed the needs of government agencies and some private sector during the last period, implementing the provisions of the civil human resources law issued by Law No. 15 of 2016,” he added.

With regards to applying to the job-seekers’ program, he said that those who are not registered in the system and unemployed, may sign up for the program by visiting one of the governmental service complexes and submit the required documents.

For job-seekers to find their desired posts for which they intend to apply, the Minister said that after registering in the program, the job-seekers may visit the Ministry’s website and browse through the available job vacancies that comply with their qualifications, competencies and expertise.

“The job seeker may also choose a maximum of three vacancies in different entities. The ministry prepared a brochure on how to choose the appropriate vacancy according to the seeker’s qualifications and expertise then the specialized department would raise its nomination to the company with the vacancy, following that the seeker will be notified of his interview appointment,” the minister explained. Al Nuaimi said that by April 1, the job seeker is able to log on to the specified website, enter the data in advance so that he can choose three companies.

The Minister said that they agreed with both the public and private sector to determine the interview dates periodically, to facilitate the employment process adding that the ministry’s website will announce those dates.

He further said that the interview aims to exchange important information between the job seeker and the employer. “The information asked for by the employer will help the latter determine whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not.”

The minister added that the ministry will follow up with the designated authorities the results of interview. “The ministry has also agreed with employers that they must mention their reasons for rejecting a given candidate. The ministry then will use those reasons for analysis, which would then enable it to hold workshops and help candidates develop their abilities to pass the next interviews.”

“In the case of a candidate passing the interview, the ministry would send a text message to the candidate informing him or her of the result. They then must head to their employer to complete the process. An SMS will also be sent to candidates in case they fail to pass the interview,” the minister added.He said that they had also prepared a number of workshop that will help job seekers look for job, and determine which opening suits their skills and abilities. “The workshops will also train them for job interview and teach them how to write a CV. Their will also be training programmes for those who fail to pass two interviews.” (Source)

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