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Posted On: 24 July 2013 02:18 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

3, 2, 1, RACE! Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 - Unbeaten Tracks now available for iOS and Android

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The starting gun has been fired! The summer’s arcade racing fun Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 – Unbeaten Tracks, published by Red Bull Media House and developed by Kempt Ltd., is now available on the App Store and Google Play for all standard smartphones and tablets. Three game modes, over 25 different courses, and lots of cool karts are just waiting to captivate players all over the world. Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 – Unbeaten Tracks is available for free with IAP. Before their great racing career can begin, players must first choose their karts in the Workshop. Right from the start, players also have an experienced mechanic at their side, who gives them useful tips and small hints with lots of humor for the rough road to the winner’s circle. With every race won or challenge met, new courses and stylish new karts, like the moon buggy or the snowmobile, are gradually unlocked. Of course, every course has a variety of special features like jump ramps, halfpipes, or 90-degree curves that have to be mastered with various tricks. The tactical and clever use of the wild cards, which can be chosen before every race, can help to tune various characteristics such as grip or speed. The Quick Play mode is especially suitable for those who are curious and absolutely have to get a look at the courses and karts hat haven’t been unlocked yet or casual players who want to race a quick round during a commercial break or at the bus stop. There is a free spin on the slot machine every day offering a setup of karts, locations, and wild cards that are not yet available. For a real battle among friends, players can also challenge their Facebook friends to determine the best racer in their group. Of course, in the trophy room players’ personal best times can be seen on the leaderboards, as well as the Career mode trophies. In order to simplify the game for beginners, every game mode has three control options to choose from: automatic steering, automatic gas/brakes, and completely manual control for advanced racers. Features of Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 – Unbeaten Tracks: 1. A genuine arcade racing spectacle for iOS and Android – free with IAP! 2. Cool karts with over 10 different skins 3. Over 25 terrific courses in 15 different terrains 4. 10 different wild cards to tune your kart 5. Tremendous jumps, fantastic tricks, and lots of drifts 6. New challenges every day as “mechanic’s goals” 7. Quick Play mode: free spin every day gives a look at locked courses and karts 8. National and global leaderboards 9. Versus mode with Facebook Connect 10. Future updates with even more karts and new courses already under way - ILQ News -