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Posted On: 4 April 2010 04:28 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

25,000 firms employed 760,000 in 2008: QSA

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Some 25,000 companies were operating in Qatar in 2008 employing about 760,000 people and only 3.6 percent of the employees were citizens, says a report released by the Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA). The Authority released the final results of a 2008 establishments’ census that was conducted during October of that year. The census aimed at presenting a clear picture of economic activity practised by the establishments, providing tabulations about number of employees and economic activity of the establishments and providing tabulations about geographical location, nationality, characteristic, legal entity and sector of the establishments. Results of the census showed that there were 28,526 establishments in the country on the whole in 2008 and 24,620 (86 percent) of them were operating. Other establishments were either temporarily stopped, permanently closed, under preparation or vacant. The Doha Municipality had the highest share of total number of operating establishments (at 15,854) establishments, that is 64 percent of the total. The remaining businesses were distributed among other municipalities. The number of operating establishments owned by the private sector was 23,586, that is about 96 percent of the total. The Number of operating establishments practicing wholesale and retail trade amounted to 11,877 establishments, that is, about 48 percent, of the total followed by operating establishments practicing manufacturing. Their number was 2,910 establishments representing about 12 percent of total operating establishments. Total number of employees in operating private establishments was 759,727, out of which 27,339 were Qatari, accounting for a small percentage of 3.6 of the total. The number of female employees was 48,109, that is 6.3 percent of the total number of employees.