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Posted On: 4 April 2010 04:30 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

2 Days Community Policing Seminar Concludes

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The two days community policing seminar on the topic "Strategy of Ministry of Interior in Consolidating the Community Policing Concept" was concluded on Wednesday, 31/3/2010 at conference hall of Police Training Institute (PTI) in Doha. The course was organized under the auspices of Minister of State for Interior Affairs H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani by the Researches and Studies Section in the PTI. The third session of the seminar which started on Wednesday morning was chaired by the dean of law college in Qatar University Dr. Prof. Hassan Akoor. The first paper of the this session was for ICT Qatar on the topic "Towards a safe internet content" and was presented by head of security assessment section in the Ict Eng. Danah Al Abdullah. The concepts of community policing which stand for preparing a conscious community against various shapes of characteristic deviations are considered as an important support for the safe organization and the internet users can take part actively in this mission by reporting about the harmful websites to a concerned body through a hot line or website those are concerned with receiving the complaints of the public in this regard, said Eng. Al Abdullah. Qatar Foundation presented the second paper on the topic "Security System in Qatar Foundation and its role in consolidating the concept of community policing". Prof. Muhammed Fathi Haddad who presented the paper in partnership with Prof. Ahmed Saeed Al Hajeri said "The HSE Department in the Qatar Foundation is implementing the security system through the systems of registration, surveillance, control room and preparing reports and complete and swift coordination with all official security agencies in case of any complaints that have relation to the security". Abdul Rahman Al Midhfar from Qatar News Agency (QNA) presented the third paper on "Community Policing and efforts of QNA in supporting the security strategy". The QNA representative stressed on the role of the media in promoting the feeling of citizens with responsibility, encouraging the youth to positively understand the social changes and strengthening the trust of citizen in adequacy and capability of police agency in the country along with improving and spreading the legal and security culture to root the respect towards the public system. In addition to this paper, Assistant director of PTI and head of scientific committee of the seminar Col. Dr. Muhammed Abdullah Al Murri also presented another paper on the topic "Role of PTI in consolidating the concept of community policing". In his paper, Dr. Al Murri recommended to follow a system and community policing activation policies that will promote researches and assessment of the range of public's satisfaction on provided security services and he also urged to deploy patrols especially for social support, which's roles will differ from the roles of normal security patrols. Other recommendations of Dr. Al Murri were approving a permanent work system for community policing cadres , providing care and follow ups for crime victims, implementing a system to settle the disputes amicably among the two parties and introducing incentives for those who take part actively in the crime prevention process from the community members. The last paper of the 3rd session was presented by Jaber Salih Al Murri from National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) on the topic "Suggestions of NHRC to take part with a positive role in consolidating the concept of community policing. The paper recommended on making a work mechanism to widen the cooperation between the police agency and NHRC for consolidating the concept of community policing through the participation of police leaders in training courses that will be conducted by NHRC, raising the awareness among the Qatari nationals about their rights and commitments in the new labor law and educating the expatriate communities the rules and regulations related to customs and traditions of the country. In the fourth session chaired by Dr. Abdul Hafiz Abdul Hadi Aabid, Tariq Saeed Al Abdullah from Qatar Olympic Committee presented the first paper titled "Role of Qatar Olympic Committee in consolidating the concept of community policing" while the second paper on the subject "Role of Supreme council for family affairs on consolidating the concept of community policing" was presented by Fatimah Yousuf Al Obaidaly from Supreme council for family affairs". This paper stressed on the importance of developing a statistics database concerned with family affairs and to hold seminars and discussions between police and public including citizens and expatriates for forming pillars of cooperation and developing the spirit of trust and confidence between both sides. Lt. Fadhl Muhammed Al Kaabi presented the paper of preventive security department on the topic "Al Adied Program an application model for realizing the concept of community policing " in which he mentioned that the program targets different segments of the society such as public and private sectors, youths, citizens and expatriates and he introduced different kinds of medals provided by the program for the youths in order to encourage them to take part and innovate in the mission of crime prevention. The last paper of the seminar was presented by Advisor of independent schools Ahmed Saeed Bu Sharbak on the subject " Role of education before higher education in consolidating the concept of community policing". Concluding the seminar, Col. Dr. Muhammed Abdullah Al Murri said " The seminar, through its security, social, religious and media themes emphasized on many basic principles and view approaches for developing the relationship between police and public". At the end, the PTI director Brig. Muhammed Hasan Al Saie and Brig. Rashid Shaheen Al Atheeque jointly honored the chairpersons of the sessions, paper presenters and members of the seminar's educational committee. ILQ NEWS