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Posted On: 27 April 2014 02:17 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:14 pm

2,598 vehicles run red light in March

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A total of 2,598 vehicles were caught jumping traffic lights in Qatar last month while the number of traffic violations recorded during the period was 93,919, according to figures released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) yesterday.

The third edition of the monthly statistics has put the number of road accidents in Qatar last month at 443, including 43 major mishaps that led to the death of 13 people and left another 621 injured, 58 seriously.

The report has also listed 21,465 simple “reconciliation accidents” during the period and 5,230 “reports against unknown” which apparently refer to hit-and-run cases.

Traffic violations in March include 17,966 violations detected by radars besides cases of jumping the red light.

Another 13,726 vehicles were caught for “not following the traffic signs.”

There were 484 cases in which the owners failed to renew the registration of their vehicles and 273 cases involving drivers who failed to renew their driving license.

A total of 9,812 new vehicles were registered last month including 6,392 private vehicles, 163 private motorbikes and 34 taxis. The figure also includes 358 heavy equipment.

The number of driver’s licenses issued during the month was 9,427, of which 634 were for Qataris, and 8793 for non-Qataris.

The report covers a wide range of other topics such as marriages and divorces, air traffic, vessels traffic at the Qatari ports, postal traffic, real estate transactions, the electricity and water production, imports and exports.

The country’s population in March stood at 2.1 million with men constituting over 1.5 million and those in 15-64 age group 1.8 million.

The monthly bulletin also includes new data such as violations recorded by some municipalities, and a number of monetary indicators. A total of 784 violations were recorded by different municipalities, which include 184 related to food, 215 (cleaning), 146 (building), 16 (beauty salons) 63 (labour accommodations), 34 (enforced eviction of labourers) and 53 (administrative eviction of properties).

The month saw 97 divorces, against 319 marriages. Those who parted ways with their spouses included 64 Qatari men, 33 non-Qatari men, 58 Qatari women and 39 non-Qatari women.

The total number of births in March was 1,789 against 183 deaths. Of the newborns 896 were males. The total Qatari births accounted for 479 including 239 females. A total of 44 Qataris (27 males) and 139 non-Qataris (112 males) died during the month.

The Consumer Price Index totalled 116.9 points last month, with a slight increase of 0.3 percent over February; 116.5 points.

The total deposits in commercial banks in Qatar stood at QR580 bn marking a one per cent increase over February ( QR575bn) Real estate transactions in Qatar during March amounted to 1,096 valued at over QR5.5bn. The total electricity generated in March was nearly 2.3 million kWh, and water production exceeded 39 million cubic metres.