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Posted On: 28 October 2012 11:24 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

1001 Inventions expo a big draw

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Along with the fun-filled exhibitions, there are also many audio-visual presentations for the benefit of the visitors. Visitors are given the opportunity to “interact” with inventions and scientists from the past at the venue. The exhibition that began more than a week ago will conclude on November 12. At the event, the organisers have lined up an array of daily activities and workshops, specially for schoolchildren. There was a lot of interest among the visitors at such points as the corner for calligraphy and jewellery making. Similar crowds were also seen at the venues of perfume making and face painting yesterday. As part of the event, there are also workshops on designing one’s own coin. To enliven the proceedings, arrangements have also been made for live stage performances where scientists from the “Golden age” come to life and work with the audience to find “solutions” to their issues. There are also special sessions on poetry reading, kite making, puzzles and balloon shaping. The exhibition, according to the organisers, is aimed at showcasing the developments and discoveries made in the Golden Age of Muslim civilisation and the scientific innovations that took place during the period between the 7th and 17th centuries. The interactive demonstrations at the venue show how Middle Eastern technology, science, and medical practices paved the way for further developments in the contemporary society. It also gives a useful picture of those involved in the development of science and technology from the ancient Muslim civilisations and how they were involved in developing new ideas which were extremely useful for the societies those days. The event also gives an insight into the level of co-operation existed between the inventors from Cairo to Cordoba and also China. Gulf Times