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Posted On: 7 August 2013 07:10 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:13 pm

100 free furnished homes for newly married Qatari couples

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A charitable body is building 100 homes that it would also be furnishing to be given away to newly-married Qatari couples free for two years. RAF said the plans are still at the table and will likely to be finalised by year-end. The charity said the financial situation of the beneficiaries of the scheme would be reviewed after two years and a decision would be taken whether to let them continue staying in the homes for free. “These would all be furnished homes and will be given for free to stay initially for two years to newly-married Qatari couples,” Ayed Al Qahtani, RAF’s director-general told Al Sharq’s Ramadan tent recently. He said the housing project would be located in Al Wukair in Al Wakra. He didn’t elaborate further but the rate of divorce in the Qatari community is quite high and it is understood that a major factor behind marital woes of newly-wed couples is that they have to either move into a rented house after marriage or share the family home of the groom. Problems arise in both the cases, for a rented house leads to heavy expenses that put the husband under tremendous financial strains as, in most cases, he has already taken bank loans to finance his marriage. And in the case of sharing their family’s home, day-to-day interference from family members and restrictions on the wife’s mobility creates unwanted tension between the newly-wed couple.