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Posted On: 31 March 2016 08:18 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Wednesdays are now the best days of the week!

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The ILQ team went on down to the Doha Comedy Nights event hosted by, Khalifa Al Haroon, known to many as Mr. Q our friendly neighborhood Qatari, and had a ball!

The doors open at 7pm where you can come enjoy some jazz and then the comedy show begins at 9pm. Unfortunately, my team and I were reviewing an "ah-mazing" restaurant (details coming soon). So we arrived a little late *pulls at collar uncomfortably* (Feedback from others was that Mr. Q's opening set was hilarious by the way). I entered while Hamad Al Amari (aka The Qatari Guy) was already on stage, FYI - never enter a comedy show late. Not unless you want to be called out in front of everyone!

To be honest I've never seen Hamad’s live stand-up before this night. I was expecting him to be some new budding comedian who was going to offer a quick show with some funny moments. Why did I think that? Maybe I was also a little cynical because the comedy show begins at 9pm, and after a day of work and family, I usually like to be turning in at that time. In a nutshell, this show delivered and was absolutely worth coming out for.

Let’s just say, this was one unfiltered comedy show. Hamad talked about all sorts of topics and kept the audience laughing for an hour straight. I came in tired, but by night’s end everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I’ve seen great comedy in Canada and I thought this young Qatari was not going to compare, but Hamad brought it home. There were no safe topics, he hit all the social topics, and political correctness took a walk out the door. Friends, it was HILARIOUS. I was utterly shocked (in a positive way) to see his performance. You could say he could put the Canadian comedians to shame. It all wrapped up with Mr. Q back on stage, sharing some of his own humorous annectdotes that resulted in some loud laughs and applause, welcoming us all back again next week, and reminding us all that this is just the beginning.

It was honestly a great show. I sat next to some fellow North Americans and everyone commented they would return for next Wednesday’s show. To be honest, the Americans were half the fun, the crowd was loud, laughed hard, and had a great time. After seeing the show firsthand and laughing till tears, I am now going to gather my fellow Canadian friends and family to go.

Just know, once you walk into the Jazz at the Lincoln Centre at the St. Regis on comedy night, no one is safe, audience or otherwise, Hamad will tackle everything and everyone in his comedy skit and he’s sure to make it worth your while.

Every week these guys are going to offer up new shows, different comedians, and next week will even offer some improv.

Do note – the lady next to me said the Jazz pre-show was incredible, she said it was so good it was worth visiting even on it’s own. So if you do come to comedy night, come early (unlike yours truly), and enjoy a night of jazz and laughs. It will be worth it after a long day.

I can promise no regrets on this one.

Check out their Facebook for updates and details:

Happy laughing folks!