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Posted On: 12 December 2018 12:00 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 12:14 pm

Top 5 must-try extreme rides at Entertainment World Village Qatar!

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Now that the Entertainment World Village (EWV) is finally open for the public after several rounds of delay, our weekends will surely become a tad more exciting and packed as Qatar's latest attraction features 30+ rides catered to both adults and children!

Dubbed as the country's largest open-air amusement park, EWV spreads over an area of more than one square kilometer and will remain erected until the 12th of May as reported by Qatar Tribune.

Update as of December 12, 2018: EWV reopens for the winter season!

It is located between The Diplomatic Club and The Pearl Qatar, and is perfectly-situated on a vast area along the Al Qutaifiya beach. EWV had its official opening last Sunday (April 15) and we can't wait to show you all the exciting things that you can check out inside its vicinity for the meager price of QR 15!

At the registration desk, they will issue you a card -- for QR 2 -- which you can top up for joy rides ranging from QR 10 to QR 75 depending on its extremity. Once you're ready to go, you have all the liberty to choose where to start. But because we care for you guys and we want only what suits your budget, here are five EWV rides that you shouldn't miss!

Disclaimer: We've provided a 'roller coaster legend' beside each entry to give you an idea how thrilling that ride is. So you know the drill -- the more roller coasters, the more reason for you to go and try it!

1. Sling shot 🎢🎢🎢🎢

This is the first thing that you will notice upon your grand entrance to the colorful Entertainment World Village after the giant ferris wheel. The concept is very self-explanatory: you sit in a mettalic stool with a friend and just like a regular slingshot, you'll be one with the night sky as an unknown apparatus throws both of you up -- leaving you gasping for your breath. If you were born unprepared, then this one is for you. Trust us, they'll throw you up when you least expect it! Try it now for yourself!

Price: QR 75
Duration: 30 seconds
Safety precaution: Remove eyeglass and slipper (if any), leave mobile/camera behind

2. G-Force 🎢🎢🎢🎢🎢

One of our favorites, the underrated G-Force is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Imagine moving clockwise -- and suddenly counterclockwise -- in an insanely fast manner while wishing and praying for it to stop? Balance is the key here so once you get the hang of it, we recommend you to open your eyes for a grand aerial view of Doha! After all, G means 'Go for it!'

Price: QR 60
Duration: Approximately 1 and a half minute
Safety precaution: Remove eyeglass and slipper (if any), leave mobile/camera behind

3. Tag A Disco 🎢🎢🎢

This Bollywood-inspired theme ride is applicable for both adults and children. So how does Tag A Disco operate? Simple: you sit anywhere in the disc (without a seat belt or anything) and once it begins turning, that's when madness unfolds! We don't want to spoil your experience, but this thing knows more tricks than turning. You'll know what we're talking about once you try it for yourself!

Price: QR 25
Duration: Approximately 3 minutes
Safety precaution: Remove eyeglass and slipper (if any), leave mobile/camera behind

4. Extreme 🎢🎢🎢🎢

We can't emphasize enough how extreme 'Extreme' is from the name alone! Just like an octopus' tentacles, the ride will throw you at an accelerated motion left and right and up and down until you beg the operator to stop it once and for all. But because your mates are enjoying their time, we suggest you to do the same. Just don't throw up in the queue of people -- that'll be gross!

Price: QR 30
Duration: Approximately 1 and a half minute
Safety precaution: Remove eyeglass and slipper (if any), leave mobile/camera behind

5. Skyfire 🎢🎢🎢🎢

We didn't plan to put this at the bottom of our list of rides to try, but I think it was a great move as my tummy was harrowed all the way down and have no plans of getting on another ride after the death-defying experience. For the record, 'Skyfire' is the only thing which actually shook us upside down and while the feeling concerns farting without really reaching the climax, it was still one of our easy favorites from the newly-opened theme park.

Price: QR 25
Duration: Approximately 1 and a half minute
Safety precaution: Remove eyeglass (if any), clear your pockets

Update as of July 8, 2018: EWV just opened one of their craziest ride—WILD MOUSE!

Supporting Qatar’s position as a tourist destination, Entertainment World Village also boasts several international award-winning stage shows and performances, skill games, and various recreational activities such as bouncy castles, paintball and doughnut boats.

Apart from the rides and performances, 30 colorful food kiosks are also widespread across the venue. Adding to the patrons' convenience is a giant parking facility that can accommodate about 2,000 cars.

Entertainment World Village Qatar is open from 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM on weekdays and 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM during weekends. To know more about them, check out their contact details below!

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Have you been to Qatar's largest open-air amusement park yet? If yes, what are some of your favorite rides? Or if you haven't, did our list give you an idea on what to expect? Drop us a line in the comments section below and also, don't forget to like and share this article -- it keeps us going!