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Posted On: 24 January 2016 05:35 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Top 10 highlights of Qatar’s Magical Festival Village

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This Magical Festival Village may not just be your usual family weekend time filler, but an attraction that is incredibly enchanting and fun, that you absolutely cannot miss it. This unforgettable experience for a whole range of different ages and interests is located by Katara behind the Exhibition Center, to combine shopping, entertainment, and festivals. A sophisticated and sweet atmosphere awaits you in THE VILLAGE with permanent and temporary elements of THE SOUQ and the activities and entertainment of the international and original festivals.

Qatar will soon be home to the literally Magical Festival Village that is organized by Media Work. So let’s have a look what we can anticipate and dream about when the Magical Festival Village is opened.

1. The Cinderella Castle


What can already be spotted is the fabulous Cinderella Castle. Its magnificence will draw you to the Magical Festival Village. Nostalgia will be evoked and the fairytale fantasies of princes and princesses among us awaken.

2. 400 Boutiques for Ultimate Shopping


Around the VILLAGE there a approximately 400 Boutiques for you to explore and shop from. Beautiful luxurious designs , elegant –yet modern, are found in the European Inspired boulevards and markets. You will definitely recognize the brands that are both local and global labels. A number of 400 units for the shops are available to be booked by the participating brands as one shop or several units to make up a bigger shop. Sounds like a shopping paradise, hm?

3. Mouthwatering restaurants


The design of the VILLAGE facilitates 20 different cafés and restaurants, so you won’t ever have to leave the festival village. We all know how exhausting shopping and the many activities offered can cause one to be, but whether it is coffee, fine food, or fast food it is you are looking for, you’re well taken care of. Re-energize in the cafés and restaurants that will have a seating capacity of 800 chairs!

4. Fashion Week


No need to go to Milan, Paris, New York or Tokyo – the Magical Festival Village has a treat for the fashion-obsessed. In Qatar we have a large population of Fashion Fans, thus the VILLAGE will dedicate an entire week to it. Fashion and jewelry houses are celebrated for this week and important journalists and women working in the industry from the Arab World are attending. This is happening for the first time in the Gulf States, and we already cannot wait!

5. An Auction of 60’s Classics


If you love classics from the 60’s, you may want to stop by for an exclusive auction of items of all sorts for you to purchase. From houseware antiques to Classic Cars, you can acquire anything for your collection or your first ever item. It doesn’t get more unique than this. SOLD!

6. There is a TV Program dedicated to the Magical Festival Village


The VILLAGE with all its charming attraction needs to be documented and a local operating television channel in Qatar has decided to broadcast the happenings of the festival village for us. Not only will there be live broadcasting, but the channel will also present a Raffle draw with prizes from the village.

7. Ice Skating with a twist!


You can go ice-skating in many of the Gulf Countries in the malls of the individual countries. However, not quite like in the Magical Festival Village! For the first time in any Gulf country, this ice skating rink is outdoors! How beautiful and delightful would it be ice-skating in broad day light in the warm sun and a stunning view? That in itself already feels like enough reason to skate by the festival village with your friends!

8. Water fountain


The Magical Festival Village will have one of the most spectacular water fountains you have or will ever see. This dancing fountain will entertain visitors as they walk by or enjoy their food and drink at a café, kiosk or stand. Curious? Come and check it out!

9. A Master Chef Competition


For outstandingly excellent food one can attend the live cooking shows. Chef from four- and five-star hotels will cook marvelous dishes and the Master chef will be chosen. If you have a sweet tooth, check out the displays of dessert from chocolates to cupcakes to view different innovative creations. Whichever you choose, it will be a ‘tasteful’ experience.

10. Kids activities


There are also plenty of activities for the little ones. The festival entails a park for children, and trampoline nets, and older kids and youth can play paintball as well as football. For more mental sophistication there are organized science experiments for particularly curious kids. With examples of their everyday life children can try out the experiments for scientific rules.

All of this and more can be expected from the Magical Festival Village. These are just the few attractions and highlights that are unveiled now, but we are sure there will be more surprises once you enter with your friends and family. The festival village will open on February 1st and can be visited from 10 am to 10 pm Monday - Saturday for 3 months. We are counting down the days!

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