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Posted On: 6 January 2016 05:53 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Solve Mysteries in Adventure Rooms Qatar

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2016-01-06 16.02.14

Are you looking for a real adventure in Qatar? Something edgy and mysterious? Maybe for your child’s birthday party or to entertain you and your friends? There are actual Adventure Rooms in Doha now, for you to escape to in your leisure time; that is if you CAN escape ;)

This engaging experience is for everyone aged 9-99! There is something for everyone to do in order to solve the mystery that awaits you in the Adventure Room you chose. Check it out next time you are puzzled on what to do, want some change in your activities, or an alternative for a rainy and cold day. There are 2 puzzles for you to choose from ‘The Crazy Scientist’ (Medium Difficulty) or ‘The Black Queen’ (Hard). Whatever you choose it is guaranteed you’ll be eager to solve the mystery and full of suspense to whether or not you will be able to escape?


Do you have what it takes? Because you and your team will get 60 minutes to escape, so be on time, because you will need every minute of it! You can come in 1 team with 2 to 6 players, or 2 opposing teams with 6-12 players. Work together and make your escape before the other team does. This might get you closer to your friends or family by finding each other’s strengths and helping one another. In the time of your entry into the adventure room you will need to use logic, search for clues and find unique items. The final key will unlock yourselves to freedom!

Concepts like this exist in many parts of the world, but this experience is free of any horror elements and is also not dangerous. Learn through this experience and from others and find out that like this, teamwork is key to making it through rough patches and tricky riddles in life. Only 30% have managed to escape the adventure rooms, there’s only one way to find out if you belong to that 30 per cent. Located in Musheirib it’s in the heart of Doha and easily accessible.


Staff at the Adventure Rooms supervises the visitors for safety and prices vary depending on group size from 100 QR to 200 QR per person. So go in big groups and make this experience as special as possible to make the most of it! So now that you have learned a little more about this activity, tell us what you think? Is this something you will try with your friends, family or colleagues? Or maybe you’ve already been and can share your experience in the Adventure Rooms?

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