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Posted On: 18 December 2013 12:35 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:50 pm


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In celebration of Qatar National Day on the 18th of December, The Youth Company (TYC) – Qatar-based social enterprise – has announced the first day of Run The World Festival (RTWF) 2013 to be dedicated to Qatari culture and national pride. The regional youth sports festival, which is an annual initiative first launched in 2011 by TYC, is held in partnership with Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum under Qatar Museums Authority. The three-day festival is the most anticipated youth event in the GCC Region, expecting to welcome over 35,000 visitors from the 19th to the 21st of December, from 2 to 10 PM, at Katara Beach, Doha. The event provides free entry to all visitors.

Although the outlying theme of Run The World Festival is that of sports and active lifestyle, TYC strives to incorporate a number of diverse elements into the event that also encourage community engagement and cultural interaction. This is prominent in RTW Village, one of the three primary spaces within the festival, which serves as a hub for community outreach activities, health awareness programs, multi-cultural interaction and more opportunities for youth to experience.

This year Qatar has planned a number of special events in celebration of Qatar National Day, which aim to appreciate the Asian communities within the country. In partnership with Qatar Charity, RTW Festival 2013 will support the Asian community through a charity campaign for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, the most powerful storm in the history of the Philippines that struck the land in early November. The campaign will encourage visitors to provide any forms of in-kind donations through charity booths around the festival, as well as a marathon to raise funds.

As a grass-rooted social enterprise for youth development and empowerment, The Youth Company engages thousands of youth internationally in consultation programs, trainings, volunteer opportunities, events, awareness campaigns that place positive impact on their professional and personal growth, promotes global citizenship as well as encourages youth to network with each other. TYC conducts programs on a yearly basis, and over the past three years it has been involved with over fifty corporations, organizations, and associations, and engaged over 27,000 youth.

“Run The World is a perfect opportunity for youth to celebrate Qatar National Day. With a much larger space to utilize and explore, this year’s edition is going to be a much more diverse experience for young people with various Qatari cultural performances, traditional demonstrations and food for visitors to enjoy. As we wish more Qatari youth to participate in RTW Festival 2013, we are certainly looking forward to beginning the event with national spirit,” says Abdulrahman Sajid, Deputy CEO of TYC and Project Manager for RTWF 2013.

The first day of Run The World Festival 2013 on the 19th of December will feature a number of cultural programs, including: Arda, dances by Qatari Youth groups, serving of traditional food as well as a number of Qatari drama performances. Further information regarding the festival’s program and activities can be found on the website:

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