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Posted On: 12 April 2021 01:30 pm
Updated On: 12 April 2021 09:55 pm

Ramadan 2021 events and activities in Qatar

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With the reimposed restrictions in place since 9 April 2021, we'll be celebrating Ramadan mostly at home again this year. Although many of the events and activities have been canceled because of the restrictions, there are still some online/virtual programs plus a few in-person activities you and your family can do in Qatar. Check out this list of activities and events happening this Ramadan 2021 in Qatar!

Note: Save this link because we'll be updating it regularly!

Qatar Foundation's Ramadan 2021 activities:

qatar foundation ramadan 2021
Image credit: Qatar Foundation

Al-Saa’im Al-Sagheer 2021

An annual Ramadan activation organized by the Education City Mosque that aims to educate children about the importance of the Holy Month in fostering identity, knowledge, morals, ethics, and values. The daily Ramadan Roundup with Ilyas and Duck animated mini-series will guide children along a path of self-awareness and self-improvement during Ramadan.

Asmaa’ Allah Al Husana

A program organized by the Education City Mosque empowering community members to learn one of the names of Allah, The Merciful, The Beneficent, each day. This knowledge is the most noble, as the more, we learn about Allah, the closer we get to Him.

Ramadan Healthy Program

Teach Your Kids How To Fast In The Month of Ramadan:

Virtual Family Yoga Sessions

How To Stay Healthy in the Month of Ramadan

  • Dates: Family lectures with Qatar Diabetes Association (April 19) and the QF Nutrition Clinic (April 21)
  • Time: 3 - 4 pm
  • Link: Microsoft Teams

Ramadan Ladies Only:

Organized by QF Community Development. Registration is through the Education City App, where more details and prices can be found.

  • Yoga Class (Harakeh) - every Thursday (12-1 pm) and every Saturday (10-11 pm) from April 14 onward.
  • Balance Class (Harakeh) - An aerobics sports program every Thursday (12-1 pm) and every Saturday (10-11 pm) from April 15 onwards.
  • Balance Class (Harakeh) - An aerobic and anaerobic sports program every Thursday (12-1 pm) and every Saturday (10-11 pm) from April 19 onwards.

Ramadan FIFA 2021 E-Tournament:

  • Dates: April 15 - 17
  • Time: 8-11 pm
  • Age: 10 - 60
  • To register and see the instructions, click here or download the Education City App for free from Google Play and the Apple Store.

Qatar National Library's Ramadan 2021 activities:

qatar national library QNL ramadan 2021 events
Image credit: Qatar National Library

The Holy Kaaba Online Exhibition

This online exhibition of 50 carefully selected items offers insights into the history of the Kaaba, the stages of its construction, its architectural features and adornment, and its religious and spiritual significance.

These photos, works of art, books and manuscripts testify to the deep effect the Kaaba has had on visitors for centuries.

Click here to visit the online exhibition.

Ramadan Trivia for Young Adults

Test your knowledge about Ramadan! All young adults are welcome to join an online trivia contest through Microsoft Teams and the Kahoot! app. Participants will need to have two devices (computer & phone) in order to join. The top three winners from each session will get a prize from the Library. The event will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams.

  • Date: April 15, 22, 29
  • Time: 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Language: English
  • Target Audience: Ages 12 – 18
  • Register here: Ramadan Trivia

Ramadan Poetry Writing for Children and Young Adults

Poetry has always been a central part of Islamic culture, and we’ll be celebrating its importance this Ramadan with your children. Please join us for a virtual poetry writing session where we’ll teach them how to write a simple poem on the theme of Ramadan. They're sure to create something worth sharing with friends and family. Let the creativity shine! The workshop will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams.

The Sira of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Get to know the amazing Sira (biography) of the life of the messenger, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], the last of the prophets. This event will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams.

  • Date: April 15, 22, and 29
  • Time: 2 - 3 pm
  • Language: Arabic
  • Target Audience: Children ages 8 – 12
  • To register, click here for the April 15 event, here for the April 22 event, and here for the April 29 event.

Watch edutainment programs from Jeem TV and Baraem Channel

beinmedia ramadan 2021 programs qatar
Image credit: Jeem TV and Baraem Channel

During the holy month of Ramadan, the beIN Media Group will launch a series of educational and entertainment programs for children on its Jeem TV and Baraem channels. The free broadcast of Jeem TV will be from 2 pm to 5 pm while the free broadcast of Baraem channel will be from 12 noon to 3 pm (Makkah time).

Jeem TV

  • ‘Winners’ will be broadcast live daily at 4 pm Makkah time.
  • ‘The Journey,’ a 3-D graphic animation series suitable for all family members in general and children. The series links reality and fiction in terms of space and time to teach ethics through Hadith explained in a simple and valuable way. The program is broadcast daily during the month of Ramadan at 5 pm Makkah time.
  • The third season of ‘Habib Allah,’ which cites the most important events in the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) journey and how his message constituted a vital transformation in human history, will also be aired during Ramadan. Presented in an appealing style, the series attracts children and teaches them the unique characteristics of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It will be presented daily at 5:45 pm Mecca time.
  • “Jeem Correspondents” competition will give children the opportunity to become a distinguished reporter by covering events and activities in their country, reporting on his or her own artistic and creative skills, or introducing charity Iftar tables and popular dishes from his or her country, speaking in standard Arabic. Prizes have been allocated every week for the best reports, with the first prize being QR 1,000, the second QR 700 and the third QR 500.

Baraem Channel

  • 'Learn', in which a drawing is presented to give the young child a simple religious piece of information.
  • 'Fafa in the Jungle' where children will enjoy exciting excursions and adventures.
  • 'Tela Tula', which includes songs, games and mental activity at the end of each episode.
  • 'Nam el Qamar' in which storyteller Ibrahim al-Bishri presents a variety of spoken stories that prepare children to sleep and develop their imagination.

Ramadan 2021 at Doha Festival City

Immerse in a variety of cultures and traditions observed in different parts of the world in celebration of Ramadan, with the booths located across the mall that is designed to take you on a journey around the world. All booths are open throughout the mall trading hours, free for all mall visitors.

  • Mosahraty Large Drum Photo Booth - Take memorable photos while reenacting the famous Mosahraty. Located at the Entertainment Node near The Cheesecake Factory - Ground Floor
  • Moon Watchers Educational Stand Display - View the moon phases during Ramadan and reflect on their meaning. Located between Eataly and Ladurée - First Floor
  • Islamic Arts and Crafts Booth - Immerse in Islamic heritage from all around the world while viewing paintings, wood cravings with Islamic patterns, and Islamic rugs. You may also watch documentary videos about Islamic crafts and trades spanning different traditions. Located at the Atrium Node near West Court 1 Entrance - Ground Floor
  • Dates Museum - Learn the different types of dates at our Dates Museum. Located near the South Food Court Entrance and next to Karafirin Restaurant - Ground Floor

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