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Posted On: 18 March 2015 07:23 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:53 pm

Qatar International Food Festival 2015 Hosts First Qatari Culinary Training Course

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The Live Cooking Theatre inside Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) 2015, organized by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Qatar Airways, will host a cooking training course on how to prepare local dishes. The activity is part of QTA's efforts to promote a world-class tourism sector, providing tourists, especially families and children, a chance to experience authentic examples of Qatar’s rich cultural heritage.

The training course will include all professional hotel chefs in Qatar, providing them with information and guidelines on how to prepare traditional and innovative Qatari and Gulf dishes. The course will be organized under the supervision of two skillful chefs, Qatari cuisine expert Chef Aisha Al Tamimi and renowned Kuwaiti Chef Fawwaz Al Omim, at the Museum of Islamic Art Park from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. starting from Wednesday, March 25, to Saturday, March 28, 2015.

By organizing the training course, QTA seeks to diversify the options provided to visitors by the tourism and hospitality sector. QTA will develop its hotel classification system to ensure that all hotels in Qatar will include traditional Qatari dishes in their menus.

QTA has called on all hotels in Qatar to name chefs to attend the first cooking training course to be organized during QIFF 2015. Each hotel will be able to send one chef as it representative to the course, as well as any of its chefs on any other day of the festival. It is hoped that this will allow as many Chefs in Qatar to become familiar with the local cuisine. Chefs will also be required to wear their hotel-branded uniform throughout the training.

The course is part of a series of activities that will be hosted by QTA to encourage hotels to incorporate the domestic culinary culture into their menus in order to provide tourists with a unique experience, allowing them to taste delicious local dishes reflecting Qatar’s rich heritage and authentic culture.

Chef Aisha Al Tamimi is regarded as a celebrity in the field of domestic, Gulf, and international culinary arts. She published a series of cookbooks, "Mawaed" (Banquets) tackling a host of subjects relating to local, Gulf and international culinary art. An etiquette and hospitality expert, Chef Aisha Al Tamimi is the host of a number of cooking shows and programs on Qatar Radio and Qatar TV and a writer of culinary articles in Qatari newspapers. She has attended several culinary and etiquette courses in the UK and Saudi Arabia, and was the host of the "Mawaed" program on Qatar TV aired for four years in a row.

Chef Fawwaz Al Omim's passion for cooking started during his university studies in Miami, Florida, where he gained a wide experience thanks to the city's ethnic diversity. Chef Fawwaz Al Omim started his work by seeking to invent his own recipesto the Khaleeji cuisine every day and by providing catering services to customers. The self-taught chef completed his experience by embarking on a journey of trying new tastes and flavors.