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Posted On: 25 June 2018 04:58 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

Qatar Financial Centre-funded short film tackles equality and inclusion in a 'sweet' way

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Ice Cream

A 5-minute long film by Qatari filmmaker A.J. Al-Thani is currently making waves on YouTube as it subtly presents a theme which is rarely tackled in cinema nowadays.

With 'Ice Cream' as its title, the story unfolds when a typical Qatari family is on their way home after the unnamed daughter finishes her first day in her new school. The little girl doesn't seem pleased as there's a noticeable sadness on her face but then lightens up when her mom speaks about an unknown character named Jawaher.

As an audience, we're not really sure about the relationship of Jawaher to the girl and to her family at first but when the invitation to pass by a small supermarket to buy ice cream was introduced by the father, we thought that maybe Jawaher is her small sister as she bought another cone just for her.

When the father and daughter duo came back to the car, it's refreshing to see the main guy still cracking jokes despite her wife's urge to hurry up. What transpired next is beyond our expectations.

Funded by the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) and featuring Dana Al Fardan's music, 'Ice Cream' started as a simple film which ended up telling a very powerful and universal message.

'Ice Cream' is QFC's way of showing its love for its beloved nation. The initiative came from their passion towards supporting local filmmakers and talent, and providing them with a platform to share human stories that touch on important aspects within our society.

So if the over-the-top weather in Qatar is annoying you in any way and you feel like grabbing a cone of ice cream to at least lessen the heat, why not start it off by watching this 'sweet' film?

Watch 'Ice Cream' here:

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