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Posted On: 17 April 2016 01:45 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Our experience with “The Maze”

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+974 Design and Development company launched a media campaign that began with a single black “The Maze” Post and followed with their extremely random videos. It caught our attention. With no firm idea to grasp, and amazing and random well shot videos, questions aroused. What is it? What’s the purpose? Why? When? How? Yet, post followed by post with no answer, this nearly killed us.

So… what is the maze exactly?

Being fortunate enough to attend the opening on April 14th, we entered “The Maze”.

The first room had grass walls and black electronic glass doors, our attention was definitely all theirs. And it only got better, as a deep gentle voice kindly asked us to let go off our phones and fully embrace the experience “because we can only experience it once”. At this point we were like WHAT’S THE EXPERIENCE! LET US IN ON IT PLEEEEEEASE! Cause we still had no idea what the maze is about, and what is its purpose. All we knew is that it maybe the most important trip of our LIVES, or so they said! And they did not disappoint!

Waiting in the first room for a few minutes, we were almost ready to break through their glass doors with excitement. Yet we had to take it stage by stage, room by room (this almost killed US, but once you get through the first room, and you’re distracted with everything surrounding you, the feeling gets better).

Not to ruin the experience for you if you ever decide to visit the maze, in short, their fantastic work of art is an interactive learning experience which resembled…… you know what, we’d rather have your figure it out. Yet, keep in mind that The Maze will make you question yourself, your challenges, and most importantly your purpose.

We liked our experience so much the first time that we attended it twice, only to find out that the four Qatari Girls Latifa Al-musallam, Dana Al-Henzab, Al-jazi Al-Henzab, and Anoud Al-Henzab didn’t only focus on teaching us a lesson, reminding us of who we are, and how important it is to stay true and work for what we believe in, however, offered trips in both Arabic and English, and focused on cultural differences, brilliant!

The Maze is not just another presentation which explains how these girls see life, or how they want you to see life. It interacts with all your senses. We might ruin part of the experience for you, but in one of the stages, you will have to push a wall!! Yes you push things, and boxes from the ceiling descend on your head, and…. Okay okay we’ll stop. But here is what we loved about it. EVERY single stage resembled something, taught you something, and interacted with you on a different level. Unless you’re planning to visit it with an open mind, and completely embracing yourself with every stage and hope to leave with a different perspective on life. Don’t’ go! Cause it’s worth more than what meets the eyes.

Where to find the Maze: Katara, seafront 17

Timing: 10 am – 1 pm and from 3:30 pm to 10:30 pm

To book your tickets please call 44292447 or 33010100. BUT HURRY UP, tickets sell out quickly everyday, and it will only last till April 28th.