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Posted On: 20 December 2016 11:13 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

Now, Play Ultimate Fun Escape Games in Qatar

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Launched on 26th of this November, Escapology brings you exciting Escape Gaming now in Doha. The advent of Escape Room fun has been game-changing in the entertainment industry. Here’s all that you need to know about the Escape Room Games.

What are escape games and how you can play it in Qatar?

Escape Games and Rooms are one of the newest and the most exciting concept of entertainment globally. These are challenging real-life games, which you can play as a team of 3-7 people. In the game, you find yourself locked inside a theme based room ( ‘the escape room’) where you come across riddles and puzzles one after the other. You take the challenge of solving those together with your team in the minimum time possible and your ultimate goal is to come out of the escape room within 60 minutes of allotted time limit. Escape Rooms are particularly exciting for everyone who loves to play video games and is interested in any sort of puzzle games.

Escapology brings you incredible escape games fun in Qatar

To play the escape games in Qatar, you need to gather a group of 3-7 friends and make your team. The team needs to work together in coordination to find clues, decode the codes and strive to solve the puzzles and riddles that help you win the game and be able to escape the room within time limit of 60 minutes. Team work is the key to success since, if the team does not work in coordination they might miss out on some clues important to win the game. The team needs to work with the clear objective of escaping the room.

The escape rooms are usually theme based which revolve around a certain concept or a story. And in such cases, you may be supposed to play some character who is trapped in the escape room and has to find a way to escape. The room is decorated according to its theme and every detail is taken care of to put together the whole experience. The puzzles can involve finding certain objects in the room to matching the patterns or performing some sort of visual reasoning etc. The one common trait of all the puzzles is the amount of creativity and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking they require from the teams.

The ultimate Escape Games by Escapology are now available in Doha. Escapology was launched on 26th of November this year and has been rocking the world of entertainment in the city for all these days. Their state-of-the-art fourth generation Escape Rooms, expedient kids' area and extremely challenging games together constitute a perfect weekend getaway for you with your family and friends. So, all you need to do is gather a team of 3-7 members and visit Escapology for an exciting journey of 60 minutes filled with fun. So, now with Escapology, Qatar can enjoy world-class entertainment right in the city-center of their capital.

Escape Rooms at Escapology

Escapology’s Escape Rooms offer an innovative fun experience to challenge you mentally and physically and assure you of the best escape room experience you’ve ever had. They have 3 amazing Escape Rooms in Qatar that let you test your wits and presence of mind in all possible ways.

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