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Posted On: 26 August 2020 04:42 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:07 pm

Top 10 YouTubers (Youtube Channels) in Qatar with the most subscribers [2020]

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According to YouTube, people around the world watch over a billion hours of videos every day, with 70% of them watched on mobile devices. Amazing, isn't it? These billions of views have turned vloggers, game commentators, makeup artists, comedians, and more into big-time celebrities and influencers because of the millions of subscribers watching and following them. If you're an active YouTube user, you probably already know that PewDiePie and T-series are two of the most subscribed channels in the world. But what about in Qatar?

Let's take a look at the top 10 Youtube channels/YouTubers with the most subscribers!

Note: For this listing, we have excluded companies, brands and news channels like Al Jazeera, Qatar Television, Vodafone, Ooredoo, and the likes.

1. Raqami TV - 2.32M subscribers

With over 290 million views, it's no wonder that Raqami TV has over 2 million subscribers from around the world. The tech channel was also the first in Qatar (excluding Al Jazeera) to break a million subs on YouTube. Their goal according to their YT bio is "to provide information related to technology to the Arab consumer in an enjoyable way that helps him access information and to be aware of everything new in the world of consumer technology."

Khalifa Al Haroon, Founder and CEO of ILoveQatar Network, is the co-founder of Raqami TV and his ultimate ambition is to make Raqami TV the biggest tech channel in the world. Aside from Raqami TV, he has also launched QTips, a Qatari cultural show on his channel Mr. Q -

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2. Kareemtime Official - 1.56M subscribers

The comedy channel by Rasool Kareem, a Tamil Youtuber in Qatar, currently has 196 videos with more than 638 million views. The channel focuses on "comedy videos showing the Gulf life of other nationality workers."

3. Bosalem Power - 1.28M subscribers

The gaming channel run by Bosalem currently has 268 videos and 68,390,119 views. Most of the videos are about PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), an online multiplayer battle royale game. He's also a Facebook Gaming Video Creator.

4. WASSIMOS - 610K subscribers

The channel has been around since 2016 and currently has 181 videos. It now has more than 31 million views with its videos focusing on gaming and live streaming.

He made a second English channel (WASSIMOS TV) in December 2019 and it already has 471K subscribers with only 59 videos. The channel features reactions and game-plays for different players from all over the world.

5. Monary Idea - 454K subscribers

Monary Idea is a channel that showcases how to transform old clothes into new clothes. It currently has 172 videos and almost 54 million views. Viewers will learn how to upcycle old clothes such as turning jeans into a dress, making child's clothes from a men's shirt, and more!

6. Mohamad Adnan - 427K subscribers

For a channel with only 6 videos and created just recently in July 2020, Mohamad Adnan's YouTube channel focusing on football already has over 5 million views. He's also a broadcaster at beIN Sports.

7. FalcoN - 282K subscribers

His channel was created in 2014 and currently has 46 million views. The most popular videos in the gaming channel include streams and reactions from games such as Fortnite and FIFA 17.

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8. Sumar AE - 264K subscribers

Sumar is an Indonesian living in Qatar and posts videos about food, travel, and family life in Qatar since 2014. She currently has 137 videos with more than 27 million views.

9. MakeupbyFoofooM - 239K subscribers

This beauty and fashion YouTuber has 363 videos to-date and almost 26 million views. Her channel has been around since 2010 and she posts two videos a week. Her most popular videos include makeup tutorials and reviews.

10. Om Mohammed

The young YouTuber posts a variety of videos about Sudanese cuisine, Sudanese customs and traditions, natural beauty recipes, and lately back-to-school haul and IKEA haul.


So there you have it! Do you follow these YouTube channels? If you're a YouTuber and you think you should be part of this list, let us know in the comments!