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Posted On: 2 June 2014 04:16 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:51 pm

Mall of Qatar announces details of unique world class Family Entertainment Centre

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The Mall of Qatar, has announced it will bring a unique world class Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) concept to the Middle East for the very first time.

The centre will feature the world renowned Angry Birds Activity Park for families with young children , a futuristic Juniverse family edutainment experience set aboard a space station, and the high octane thrills of Virtuocity for teens and adults.

With these three concepts, the FEC is set to become one of the most popular and eagerly awaited attractions within the Mall, positioning it as a prime destination and regional super-mall for Qatar residents and neighbouring tourists.

Together the three new attractions will form a digital theme park of a kind never before seen in the region and will set a new benchmark for integrated family entertainment in a Middle East shopping mall.

Each of the three components are designed to cater for different age groups, with Angry Birds Activity Park and Juniverse focusing on children aged between two and twelve, while Virtuocity, with its adrenaline rush of motor sports and flight simulators, is aimed at ages 13 to adult.

Shem Krey, Deputy Managing Director, Mall of Qatar says: “Mall of Qatar is delighted to house what will undoubtedly be one of the most thrilling indoor entertainment centres in the region. Centred on three very unique concepts, each attraction will appeal to a different section of visitors – from children, to teenagers to adults. We anticipate our unique digital theme park will see a record number of visitors when it opens its doors in 2015 and we are thrilled to be able to roll out this exciting new attraction in the Qatari market.

“As the world and young people become increasingly digital we recognised that our centre needed to reflect this ever growing trend, and we have found a world class partner to deliver what will be three totally different, engaging and unique concepts.

The digital theme park is being introduced to Qatar by Talal bin Mohammed Trading, who has partnered with Rovio Entertainment Ltd and ADabisc Future Qatar to deliver all three components of the park.

Rovio Entertainment’s Chief Operating Officer Teemu Suila says: “The Rovio team is very excited about the prospect of having an Angry Birds Activity Park present in Qatar. Not only does this mark the first Angry Birds presence of its kind in the Middle East, but partnering with Talal bin Mohammed Trading and ADabisc will no doubt result in a top-class attraction that is unique in the world. This will hopefully also be the start of similar experiences to come in the region.’’

ADabisc Future Qatar is the company behind the Juniverse and Virtuocity components of the digital theme park. Mr. Luay Darwish, Managing Director at ADabisc, franchisor of Virtuocity & Juniverse says: “We are pleased to be the first company in Qatar to develop two themed concepts specifically designed for a family entertainment destination. This is a ground breaking level of entertainment and technology within a mall. We are introducing a unique concept to the GCC, one that will turn the traditional world of entertainment and video games towards a new one that can bring all family members together inside a unique experience.

“ADabisc’s innovation team, in cooperation with experts from all over the world, spent 16 months studying different dimensions of the project, down to the smallest details, culminating in our Juniverse and Virtuocity concepts that we look forward to launching in Qatar soon. In addition, ADabisc is proud to have been selected once again by Talal Bin Mohammed Trading to adapt and accommodate an Angry Birds Activity Park, in collaboration with Rovio, to an indoor location inside the mall, along with the requirements of the area.”

Mr. Talal bin Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Attiyah, CEO of Talal Bin Mohammed Trading, the operating franchisee of the Family Entertainment Centre opening at Mall of Qatar adds“Through this project, we aim to introduce a new and complete vision of entertainment in the whole region, starting with Qatar. We have completed extensive research on this project, in order to fully understand the needs of the local market and to grasp the importance of proposing a solution that meets Qatar’s demands, fulfilling its strategic vision for 2030.

“We came up with the release of two distinct projects in terms of form and content, namely ’Juniverse’ and ’Virtuocity’, that will shape the future of adventure and entertainment for both children and adults in Qatar. We are also pleased to have signed a contract with Rovio, the leading company in the world of video games, in order to build an activity park that will provide visitors a real ‘Angry Birds’ experience. All three elements of the digital theme park complete an innovative unifying concept that has been developed by ADabisc.”

About Juniverse

Juniverse is an innovative indoor edutainment and activity theme park for children between 2 and 13 years that utilises an interactive concept to create a very real and exciting new world for kids, replete with lively characters and captivating interior design.

About Virtuocity

A venue exclusively for teens and adults, Virtuocity will bring together all the latest innovations from the virtual world and merge them with real world physical components and story-driven experiences, to deliver fun, immersive entertainment. This will include motor sport and flight simulator rides that are being developed with ADabisc by specialist partners in the UK.

One of the exciting aspects of Virtuocity is that all of the activities are linked to a digital strategy, allowing visitors to continuously connect with the brand through a new App for Android and IOS. This will enable users to compare and share their successes online – introducing a sense of competition and achievement with every new visit to Mall of Qatar.

About Angry Birds Activity Park

The third engaging concept is expected to draw children and grown-ups alike. Angry Birds Activity Park is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and will feature all the beloved Angry Birds characters who will play and engage with visitors as they journey through this exciting new activity park.

Mall of Qatar is being built just a 20-minute drive from the centre of the city and in the heart of a major new development area that will see 10,000 new villas being built. This is alongside the new metro and regional rail links and improved highway connections to the centre of Doha, all of which are expected to drive traffic to the mall when it opens in 2015.

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