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Posted On: 13 March 2016 06:11 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

Magical Festival Village… disappointing value for families

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It’s been 2 weeks since the Magical Village opened and we decided to check it out! It is located on empty land across from the St. Regis hotel and they’ve got a huge parking area. The village will be open to the public for three months so even if you haven’t been there, don’t worry… you’ve got plenty of time!

When we arrived there, the first thing that jumped out, were the Disney Characters and traditional Arabic music and scents, although the main design was of European style. The space seemed was quite random and lacked theme.

A lot of the shops were still empty and that was unfortunate to see as they had already offciaily opened to the public.

You’ll see many boutique shops which sell candies, souvenior from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, mobile accessories from China, cosmetics, Abayas, sport wear, shoes… so basically, they are offering everything and we could say it’s another version of a Souq.

Many Disney or Anime characters are displayed on the streets and it might be something children would love to see... however, everything was made so poorly. Although they have only been opened for 2 weeks we saw many characters were already quite damaged (or they were damaged installed).

Although the village will be open for 3 months, we had hoped to see something of ‘better’ quality.

They offer around 10 different activities for children. Here’s a list of ticket prices.

I personally feel it’s pricy for all the families to enjoy their day.

This ‘virtual reality’ photo below is QR25 for 2min of ‘fun’.

And here’s a photo of a ‘platstic ice rink’, in case you were wondering if they really had an ice rink ;)

They are around 40 restaurants and cafes if you get hungry. There are many choices such available such as Nando’s, Elevation burger, Cup Cakes, Arabic sweets and many more!

And there’s a dancing fountain around the restaurants and cafes to entertain you while you are having a meal

The castle is still covered with a blue sheet.

If you have kids, this place could be a place you might want to take them however, don’t expect much ;) I hope future-forward, Qatar can offer better quality entertainment, as the country deserves nothing less.