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Posted On: 5 October 2018 09:18 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:01 pm

Katara to launch 4th ‘Our culture is school’ initiative

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Katara Our Culture Is School Programme

The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara is launching the fourth edition of “Our culture is school” programme on October 10.

The programme, which runs till the end of the academic year 2018-2019, involves children of different age groups and academic stages starting from pre-school to secondary school in private and public sectors.

This year’s programme includes cultural and art workshops dedicated for the children involving different entertainment and educational activities in Katara. It will also include interactive educational tours for students from different school levels to Katara to introduce them to Qatar’s deep-rooted history, civilisation and heritage.

Nine different bodies are taking part in the programme including Katara Art Studios, Qatar Music Academy, Sout Al Khaleej Radio, Red Velvet Café, Katara Beach, Childhood Cultural Center, Poet Majlis, Al Gannas Society and Doha Film Institute, each of which will organise workshops and activities to raise awareness among children about their work.

For instance, the Katara beach activities will focus on Qatari sea heritage, including diving trips, the meaning of Al Dasha and Al Qaffal, types of pearls and details of Fath Al Khair journeys. Students will also come to know about various parts of traditional boats and their names and crew from top to bottom, instruments used in diving and sailing, and the study of stars to know directions in the sea.

The activities of Al Gannas Association will introduce every Monday and Wednesday hunting instruments, types of falcons and preys, besides a workshop on how to handle falcons, how to build tent made of sheep hair, and how to make Arabic coffee. These activities will target middle school students and include practical activities to enhance some specific skills.

Sout Al Khaleej radio will introduce its programmes section and studio while the Childhood Cultural Center will conduct educational activities to enhance skills of problem-solving, combating bad habits, planning and voluntary work.

The programme comprises educational and interactive tours for school children around Katara to instil curiosity of discovery towards their history and cultural traditions in Qatar.

“Our culture is school” is a leading initiative through which Katara endeavours to establish national identity among the school children. It also sheds more light on all aspects of Qatari culture and traditions and tries to trigger the creative abilities of children along the educational process.

Source: The Peninsula