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Posted On: 6 June 2016 08:49 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Katara Ramadan Festival hosts 75 activities

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Katara: The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara unveiled its 2016 Ramadan program under the theme of "Human Creation in the Holy Quran", during a press conference on Sunday morning held by the General Manager of Katara Dr. Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti.

Al-Sulaiti said in a speech delivered on the occasion: "The holy month of Ramadan has its unique religious and spiritual manifestations, traditional and cultural taste. Katara is keen to celebrate the advent of Ramadan every year and cherish its glorious meanings and messages of piety, mercy, forgiveness and repentance, as well as blesses and generosity felt by all during this special time of the year. Our program this season entitled "Human Creation in the Holy Quran", highlights: God’s endless miracles to grant our visitors the opportunity to contemplate and think about the greatness of one of God's creation, the creation of human beings and mankind whom God shouldered him the responsibility to build planet earth and a diverse and innovational array of activities."

Katara Chief added: "This year’s Ramadan season will have several religious, cultural and scientific platforms distributed over 75 activities across all the Cultural Village to provide Katara's visitors with an unforgettable and informative experience, starting from the 14th of June".

Dr. Al-Sulaiti also stated the following: "The launch of this month-long Ramadan festival reflects the significant role of Katara in highlighting and preserving the Arab and Islamic identity, promoting awareness on the spiritual, cultural and scientific depth of Islamic civilization and spreading the culture of love, peace and tolerance amongst people from all walks of life and faith. Which has always been one of our vision pillars".

Katara announced that its Ramadan Festival 2016 under the theme of "Human Creation in the Holy Quran" will comprise multi-activities including a workshop for memorizing the holy Quran held for the 5th consecutive year. The workshop will be open for male and female children aged from seven to nine and will be running from 22-26 May, 2016. In addition, a two-week workshop for memorizing the holy Quran will start on the 12th of June during Ramadan and will run until the 23rd of June. Highly specialized supervisors will attend these workshops to ensure children from different age categories receive a comprehensive training, which is a matter that have always concerned Katara and its team to boost Islamic identity and religious values for the upcoming generations.

Katara Ramadan Festival 2016 will also host a series of lectures under the theme of "Bashayer Al-Rahmah-or Signs of mercy". The first lecture will be delivered by Dr. Mohammed Al-Awadhi on the 6th of Ramadan, while Dr. Zaghloul Al-Najjar will deliver a lecture on the scientific miracles of fasting on the 11th of Ramadan. Dr. Omar Abdul-Kafy will deliver a lecture on the ethics of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on June 17th, and Dr. Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi will be giving a lecture on the worship practices by the prophet (PBUH).

Katara will also be hosting 14 innovational exhibitions focused on the human body. These include the exhibition of blood and arteries at building 18 where 4D images of blood arteries and their functions will be displayed to visitors. Another optical exhibition focusing on eyes and its functions, as well as an exhibition on ears and its functions will be set at building 18. Oher exhibitions on teeth, skin and nutrition will also be welcoming Katara visitors during Ramadan Festival.

For the first time in the Middle-Eastern region, all exhibitions will use the 4D technology, and a number of professional and medical experts will be available to interact with the public and offer the best and latest health tips. These exhibitions will be held in cooperation with Al-Naseem and Tadawi Medical centers.

Aiming at spreading the culture of healthy life-style in community, Katara will arrange multi-meetings with doctors at building 13 to answer questions by visitors and provide them with medical consultancy. Dr. Omar Al-Sherif will also introduce visitors to some of the bad parental habits affecting neurolinguistics child development. Dr. Mahmoud Darine will be educating the public on how to have a healthy digestive system and liver.

Other interactive shows will include 7D cinema theatre displays where movies and documentary films focused on the human body and organs, which will occur at the Amphitheatre and will run from 7 pm until 11:30 pm. Other activities include: a workshop to create hand sculpture with wax will also be available for attendees who will have the chance to place their hand print on a panel at building 13. Furthermore, Katara Drama Theatre will witness a show by Mohammed Al-Makki who will perform religious and spiritual phrases.

Katara will have the Iftar Cannon on a daily basis along with Al-Mesahar and the festive activities, Islamic lectures, interactive workshops and informative exhibitions. Finally, the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara hopes that the program assigned for this Ramadan will be beneficial and entertaining for everyone. (Source)