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Posted On: 12 July 2016 03:13 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

ILQ's Fashion Directory for Men this Eid

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Eid is the time when we all decide to update our wardrobe with new clothes and the latest fashion trends!

Are you confused about how to dress up this Eid? Worry no more, because ILQ is bringing your guide to the latest trendy clothing and tips on what to wear for Eid.

Two of our male models selected a collection of four outfits, which are a mixture of clothing from Zara, H&M, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Adidas and Nike and various other brands. Here's our take on the outfits, showcasing an affordable alternative to SS16 clothing as well as fashionable options for you this Eid.

Take a look and be inspired by the latest fashion trends for you!

Mandarin-Collared Denim Top

Want a style that’s less conventional but still keeps you cool? Then consider adding a mandarin-collar top to your wardrobe!

This menswear classic is a mandarin collar, a short unfolded stand-up collar style on a shirt or jacket. Mandarin collars start at the neckline and typically rise vertically two to five centimetres. The style derives its Western name from the gowns worn by Mandarins in Imperial China.

What we have here is a mandarin-collar top from Bershka with a kick of denim texture! Denims, denims everywhere! You can style it simply with a pair of black skinny-fit jeans from H&M and a pair of brown leather plimsolls from Pull & Bear, and you're good to go.

Following on from that, make sure you reserve this outift for casual or smart-casual wear.


Model: Zaid Mohammed

Height: 175cm

Top: 125QR, Size: S

Jeans: 50QR

Plimsolls: 250QR

Bomber Jacket with Relaxed Fit Arty Message T-Shirt

The first sign of summer is when your jackets starts to make you sweat and that's when you know that you need to swtich to a bomber!

The flight jacket, bomber jacket or bombardier jacket refers to a garment jacket originally created for military pilots. They eventually became part of popular culture and apparel.

Remember when bomber jackets were 'edgy’? When they still had something of that military vigour, and tapped into the inherent shock value of skinheads?

Well, designers have 'cotton' on to the fact that modern-day bombers – owing to their ubiquity – are about as edgy as a comfy fleece jacket.

Arty T-shirts happen when contemporary artists use a T-shirt as a canvas for their work. Art T-shirts can also be mass-produced with screen printing.

Graphics are trending this season. A graphic bomber jacket from Zara with some great comic patches styled over an arty T-shirt from Reserved and super-skinny jeans from H&M, along with fashionable trainers from the Adidas Superstars collection, will rock your look this Eid!


Model: Hassan Sheikh

Height: 177cm

Bomber jacket: 329QR, Size: S

T-Shirt: 69QR, Size: M

Jeans: 50QR

Adidas Superstars: 425QR

Contrasting Hooded Jacket with a Sleeveless Camouflage T-Shirt

The long-hooded jacket with a contrasting hood was officially out as a winter collection, but due to its demand and ever-growing sales, it was brought back during spring 2016 as a spring jacket. This style is amazing for the youth and a trainer look! You can match it with black or grey, for a perfect monochromatic look or any colour to add a little more contrast to the outfit.

The sleeveless T-shirt from Pull & Bear is a perfect match as it highlights a camouflage print as outlines, giving the wearer a tough look along with the jacket from Pull & Bear as well. And it's a great combination with a pair of black skin-tight jeans from H&M.

A final touch is a pair of black sneakers from Zara. Your choice of footwear is the first thing many people notice and it's a deciding factor in whether you ace or flunk an outfit test!


Model: Zaid Mohammed


Hooded Jacket:129QR, Size: S

Sleeveless Tee: 45QR Size: S

Jeans: 50QR

Sneakers: 295QR

‘Undo’ Layered Top with Camo Print Joggers

If you’re a layering king of a guy, we say go long this Eid!

The long-line tops are trending worldwide for the new design and style in the men’s wear industry. Now the newest tops come with a layered look, giving it a dual style.

This top matches perfectly with the Camo Printed Jogger and Trainer shoes. There was a time when camo prints were ‘edgy’, but today’s designers have found a way to give it a new look and style, making it a new trend! You can also match with black trousers, which gives it a bold look.

The long-layered camo highlight top from Bershka goes perfectly with the camo joggers from Pull & Bear, with a Nike Dart XI trainers and a DC's New Era Snapback to top it off. Giving you the perfect cool, sporty look, that you wouldn't want to 'UNDO' this Eid!


Model: Hassan Sheikh


Top: 89QR, Size: S

Camo Joggers: 69QR

Nike Dart XI: 395 QR

DC Snapback:150QR

Select the right attire and ensure you’re dressed both attractively and appropriately for the time, place and occasion because that’s your main priority this Eid.

You can now go and grab yourself outfits at the brands mentioned above, and fill in your wardrobe this Eid.

Eid Mubarak!

Also, tune in next week for another another article on menswear in Qatar.

Photos by: Mohammad Al Amin

Instagram - Hassan Sheikh: @i_amhassan

Zaid Mohammed : @its_zaid