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Posted On: 2 March 2016 03:45 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

How to stay motivated in Wind, Dust and Heat

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Here is your ILQ Guide to staying motivated and inspired in Qatar!

1. Make a list of reasons why you're doing something

Making lists can help sort through and organize your thoughts. People make lists for all sorts of things; groceries, work goals for the day, packing suitcases, appointments etc. When you make lists of reasons of why you want to do something, it gives you more personal motivation, as the target goal seems more important to you. Bringing something to paper can help define how important something is to you. Don’t let opportunities slip through your hands because of what seems like a difficult task. Feel like living or working in Qatar is getting tough, write down all the reasons why you wanted to live here eg. mild winters, desert and water sports, a job opportunity, good education for your little ones, and you will find that boost of motivation and inspiration immediately!

2. Learn what you can and cannot control

In Qatar there are many things that you cannot control, like permits or unavailability of things and items, but that does not mean you need to worry, stress, or give up. Be able to differentiate between what lies within your control and what does not. When something is outside of your control and paralyzes your progress, clear your head of the worries to make room for new ideas, challenges and tasks!

How: When it all gets too much and you feel paralyzed, take a walk! Walking through parks reduces stress and enhances your mood and self-esteem.

Where: Have you been to Al Rayyan Park? Dahl Al Hamam Park has lots of great playgrounds, and the MIA Park has a stunning view. Whichever one you pick, make sure to put on your walking shoes, and enjoy the fresh air and clean parks.

3. Read literature that encourages Positivity

When you don’t believe, you have to read to believe! Books are filled with motivation for you to soak up. Uplifting and inspiring literature keeps you encouraged and stimulated. Find a book that gives you the extra motivation you need.

Where: Jarir Bookstore, Virgin and Tribe in Education City offer a large variety of books and are among the best bookshops in Doha. If you are looking for educational books or books to lend, try the university libraries or Qatar National Library. (QNL has engaging workshops and there is a book club for discussions on facebook called ‘Doha Book Club’)

4. Choose to be around positive people

They say you are most influenced by the 5 closest friends you have. So surround yourself with smart, lively, innovative and creative people. Cynicism and negativity will be the death of your motivation. Don’t engage in negative conversation, and try to redirect the discussion to a happier topic. It will make you and the people in your environment happier.

Where: Happy thoughts and people may be generated and situated in the art galleries of Katara, check which exhibition is on and have a cup of hot chocolate at Chac’Late by the amphitheater. Or join networking groups on Facebook, they organize meet ups, events, movie nights etc.

5. Wether big or small, celebrate every accomplishment

Don’t only take time to accomplish your goals, but also make time to celebrate them. No matter how small they are, you need to treat yourself. Reward yourself with a movie night or a fabulous piece of cake. Don’t overlook small successes. Rewards are very important for motivation, so don’t skip them. You’re worth it!

Where: For a decadent movie night, Novo Cinemas has the 7 star cinema for comfy arm chairs and waiters to take your popcorn and snack order. And for the best cakes in Doha you can go to Angelina in the Gate Mall, the W café for afternoon tea or to ‘Sugar and Spice’ in the Lagoona Mall.

6. May the force be with you

What is your force? Something that makes you the Jedi of your goals? Maybe it is your breakfast granola with yoghurt and banana, another morning ritual, the perfect outfit, a tidy environment or a vitalizing work out routine. Whatever the weather, determine your driving force and make use of it. See the big picture before every new step and don’t lose track of what it is you want to gain.

7. Set a Plan B

A plan B is as important to motivation as it is to have a plan A.. If plan A doesn’t pan out, it is probably because you were destined to do something even better. So change the course of your work and maybe the next thing is what the universe had in mind for you. There is no failing, you have only crossed paths with a course that is not working to your best advantage.

8. Get outside the box

Move out of your comfort zone. When you lack motivation or drive, a simple solution would be to just get out! Out of the box of your daily routine. Eat something new, drive somewhere you haven’t been before, or try a new sport. The slightest change might add the little spark your life that was missing.

Where: Try full moon yoga at the Six Senses spa at the Sharq. Drive out to the monuments by Richard Serra in the Brouq Nature Reserve near Zekreet, or to a closer destination; the Lusail Shooting Range where between 4pm and 7pm you can do clay pigeon shooting. It is exhilarating and will definitely take your mind elsewhere.

9. Create a fit environment

A healthy body encourages a healthy mind. Give your body the exercise and TLC it needs with the right activities and food. Keeping your physical self happy does wonders for your brain. Physical activity also boosts your creativity, innovative and inventive abilities, and endorphins!. I had some of my best ideas when doing yoga, and you can brainstorm, revise information, or just rest your brain cells while cycling.. So get moving to keep busy, fit and driven.

How: Qatar offers a ton of opportunities and a sports to fit everyone’s needs. If you struggle to find something have a look at where everything is about getting and staying fit! Body Pump, dancing, all different types of Yoga and other clever and fun ways to stay healthy.

10. Get the help you need

Finally, ILQ’s tip for you is; get help when you need it. We all have and need people to lean on, and that’s not a bad thing! There’s no shame in admitting that in order to get where you want to go, you may need a little assistance. It feels just as good when you achieve something and you will have someone to celebrate it with. Who is your partner in crime? ILQ also get’s by with a little help from our friends (;