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Posted On: 31 May 2016 12:52 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Fun indoor activities for kids to enjoy summer in Qatar

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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With summers headed our way, we can just imagine how crazy the parents must be getting. Yes, yes we all love the little terrors but that’s what they can be sometimes – terrors! It is only fair to the children to have some fun during the summers too and bother their parents to do so as well. Well, babies, we have the ideal places to help your parents have some fun with you!

IAID Visual and Studio Arts Program

The IAID Visual and Studio Arts Program is all about teaching you the tricks and uses of various elements such as the watercolor, acrylic medium, basic and colors pencils, using clays and sculptures. You have a vast series of options you can choose from at various levels from beginners to advance – the ideal way to learn something new with your child! This class helps in opening up your mind and aids you to think creatively which results in improvement in critical thinking skills as well. The progressive classes are all about expanding ones horizon.

Children’s Library – Doha Mums

If you are looking for some quite time and a bit of learning for your child, head towards the Doha Mum's Library which holds over six thousand books to choose from. Whether your child wants to read or just scroll through picture books, Doha Mums have come to your aid and built this place specifically for you.


The Gymnastics Academy

If you wish to encourage your children to be in gymnastics or just have them learn a new thing, this academy, that is full of experts, will teach you all the tricks to impress your friends – cartwheeling, somersaults, flicks; you can learn them all. The facilities are bound to impress you and this is the fun way to have your child stay interested in staying fit and working on their strength.

Decopatch Doha

Looking for fun activity for the children to indulge in, the Decopatch is the place you should be headed to. From creative planning to some relaxing time, the Decopatch is all about the bond you can create in the happiest way to do so. Accompany your child for this paper craft activity and have some one on one time with them


Evolution Karate

And we’re back to a few more fitness induced exercises. It is never a bad idea for your child to learn karate especially in a dynamic environment such as Evolution Karate. Improve your child’s strength, balance, and stamina with the help of the instructors and have them polish their skills and learn some new ones as well.

Swimming- Doha Dolphins

Doha Dolphins is all about the awareness of water safety and promoting how to swim. The coaches are bent on teaching some fun ways of swimming and staying heathy along the way. They encourage their students to further maximize their talent and learn a skill for a lifetime.


Evolution Dance

How can we not talk about dance when we talk about activities? Evolution Dance is your place to be if you want your child to learn a few basics or even some advance skills. Have them learn the beauty of choreographing and performing from various genres and see them become a completely new person on stage

The International Centre for Music

Music certainly makes the world go round and makes your heart bigger- if possible. Therefore, learning music is probably the best gift you can give to your child. A friend for life, your instrument becomes your partner through every time. Test your child’s full capabilities and have them pick an instrument their choice and then see the magic as experts lead them there onwards.


Do you have any more options for us? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll look into it too