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Posted On: 25 May 2016 01:48 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:56 pm

Favorites from the Magical Festival Village, Qatar

Anushay T.Khan
Anushay T.Khan
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The Magical Festival village is a new and interesting concept in Katara where you will find entertainment for everyone; from foodies to shop-o-holics to children. A place which is ideal for family entertainment, the Magical Festival Village is a very inspiring idea that everyone needs to check out at least once. Here are a few attractions you will find there

Genuine Chinese, Turkish and Yemeni Goods: The whole festival is loaded with all types of shops and you might think that these are stores from Qatar itself that have been opened here. The ILQ team went there and asked around and it turns out, all these people have come from their respective country in the spirit of the festival. We found beautiful Yemeni and Turkish jewelry as well as Chinese clothes and shoes here at unbelievable prices.

The Characters All Over: Okay, you can call me a kid but I am still going to go crazy excited over this. The whole festival has different cartoon character figures all over and it made me run from one to another! So, if it can make an adult like me be this way, imagine how your kids are going to react!


Image from Peninsula Qatar

The Ancient Goods Shop: I was unable to get the name of the shop but boy, I can never forget the goods here. From classic cars to the once-upon-a-time phones, you will find yourself going over to everything here. This shop is the keeper of all your memories and you will want to go for everything.


Image from Tumblr

Home to The Foodie: The minute I entered the festival, I came across Elevation burger. Well, thank you life! That was just the beginning of it though. From Sushi, cocktails and shawarma to everything your taste buds demand, you can easily find it here.


Image from QatarEating

The Marvel/DC Shop: I think I have already professed my love for the Marvel and DC universe so a shop here made me run towards it, leaving that beautiful burger! Huge life size Iron-man and Batman figures welcome you outside the shop and the costume shop inside is for kids who want all types of costumes and accessories.


The Turkish Beauties for Your House: A certain shop caught my eye which was towards the end of the festival: the Turkish home-goods. It had the most beautiful bedsheets and table sheet one could imagine and words can seriously not do any justice to them!

If you’re interested to visit the festival, they have opened their doors again till Ramazan and you just need to find the right time to head over!

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