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Posted On: 19 November 2015 05:46 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:54 pm

Energy World, discover the hero in you!

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Today Energy World opens its doors to you and your family to explore and discover.

With the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Shell and Qatar Tourism Authority give children and families, as well as anyone interested, the opportunity to discover what kind of hero for the world they are!


This world wide event has now arrived in Qatar. It comprises an energy lab roaming around Europe and receiving great response. ‘Energy World’ is for all the people of Qatar, not just Qataris, but everyone who has a life in this country and contributes by being part of it. That’s why the 5 heroes in the Energy World- you can be one of them!- are represented by the various different people of the society in Qatar.


Moreover, it’s for free! The 10 day long event, starting today, will take place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center next to City Center Mall.


Now, what exactly is the ‘Energy World’? ‘Energy World’ is a place for a journey with exciting challenges and experiments featuring the STEM subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This is to encourage young students of all ages to be inspired to go into these STEM subjects, to build a better world full of innovation, vision, creativeness and brilliance.


The event features a lively mix of physical and digital exhibits, workshops and science shows encouraging to find out what hero is within them. With registration and running through the exhibit with your personalized ID will determine which of the 5 heroes they are. Are you a Designer, an Inventor, an Engineer, a Connector or an Adventurer? There are 10 different zones to go through, including Energy Mix, Water, Food, Stress Nexus Mix, Experiment Zone, Energy Generators, Kinetic Exercise Zone and more.


You will find out at the last stop of this family science adventure, when you step in front of a screen, which one it will be!

While the mornings are for schools to visit, you can come anytime between 5pm-10pm during the week, 2pm-10pm on Fridays and on Saturdays you have the whole day from 10am-10pm!


So if you have children, are a student yourself or would just like to explore yourself with friends or family, this is an inspired way to spend your free time or your weekend. Make use of opportunities like these, and bring home your personalized ID with your own hero alongside a wonderful family bonding experience. To enter you can either register at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center or register online, which lets you skip an annoying queue.

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