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11 November 2015 07:22 am

Disney's Beauty and the Beast comes to Doha

Mega Cervantes
Mega Cervantes
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Disney's Beauty and the Beast is one of the most successful musical productions of all times. Since its premiere on Broadway in 1994, the show has played to more than 30 million people in nearly 120 cities worldwide and has grossed far more than 1,7 billion US$ in total. The longest running productions were presented at the Palace Theatre on Broadway, New York, and at the Dominion Theatre in London‘s Westend. Disney's Beauty and the Beast, written by Alan Menken (music) and Howard Ashman & Tim Rice (lyrics), is following Disney's1991 animation movie of the same name, after the famous novel by French writer Jeanne-Marie LePrince De Beaumont.


Disney's Beauty and the Beast tells the touching story of a prince who is transformed into a hideous beast as a punishment for his cruel and selfish behaviour, and an adventurous young woman named Belle whom he imprisons in his bewitched castle. In order to become human again, the Beast must earn Belle's love before it's finally too late. With her good heart and her natural grace she wins the hearts of the Beast’s servants before the beast himself falls for her.


The touring version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is known as one of the most complex touring theatre productions on the market, with more than 40 actors on stage, more than 1000 costume pieces, a lavish stage set and an enormous technical effort.Disney's Beauty and the Beast tours with more than 60 people altogether, 14 trailers, an own props and costume department and with a dedicated sound, lights and video production. After appearances in cities like Singapore and Abu Dhabi, Milan and Bangkok, Ankara and Macau the show is now heading for Doha for the first time. Disney's Beauty and the Beast is the first original Broadway musical show ever coming to Qatar.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is produced by Broadway Entertainment Group and Networks Presentations.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is presented in Doha by Premuim Events and locally produced by Premuim Entertaiment Events.






Thursday                   December 10                        08:30 pm     Premiere

Friday                         December 11                        03:00 pm

Friday                         December 11                        08:30 pm

Saturday                    December 12                        11:00 am    Family Show

Saturday                    December 12                        03:00 pm       

Saturday                    December 12                        08:30 pm

Tuesday                     December 15                        08:30 pm

Wednesday               December 16                        03:00 pm

Wednesday               December 16                        08:30 pm

Thursday                   December 17                        03:00 pm

Thursday                   December 17                        08:30 pm

Saturday                    December 19                        11:00 am   Family Show

Saturday                    December 19                        03:00 pm

Saturday                    December 19                        08:00 pm



Tickets are available in the following categories:

PLATINUM                            QAR 1.499

GOLD                                     QAR 1.199

SILVER                                  QAR 899

CAT 1                                     QAR 499

CAT 2                                     QAR 349

CAT 3                                     QAR 199

For families we offer you a discount of 15% of the original ticket price for the Family Show appearances (Saturdays 11:00 am).

Tickets are on sale at Virgin Megastores in Villagio Mall, Landmark Mall and Spinney's The Pearl.

Or tickets can be bought online at