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Posted On: 18 June 2020 09:52 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:07 pm

Katara Cultural Village announces online summer events

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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The Cultural Village Foundation Katara announced the launch of Katara Summer Events 2020, which will be presented remotely through its accounts on social media, in line with the state's precautionary policy in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Katara aims to motivate the various groups of society and encourage them to enhance their creative capabilities and develop them within innovative and targeted activities.

The events include a variety of competitions and virtual shows, such as heritage collections contest, Katara handicraft competition, Katara novel and fine-art competition, Meshwar and novel competition, Al-Dhad channel competition and a Katara caricature contest.

In addition to a number of virtual exhibitions, Katara Theater Weekly activities and a variety of lectures, seminars and workshops in various fields of culture, literature and art. As well as the online shows of Al Thuraya Planetarium during the summer.

In a press release, Katara outlined the most important competitions and activities for this year. They include Heritage collections competition in which the participant will shoot a video that present a story of collections of traditional antique items, the video shouldn't exceed the duration of 3 minutes. The video should be of high quality and in horizontal format using a mobile phone only, not the camera. Each participant can submit three videos, and the participant should be in Qatar within the State of Qatar and over 18 years old. Any video containing copyrighted (music, image) or inappropriate content will be excluded.

The three first winners will receive important prizes, as the 1st winner will receive QR15000, the 2nd will receive QR12000 and the 3rd winner will receive QR10000. The deadline to submit videos is 30 July 2020.

In Handicraft competition, Katara launched under the umbrella of the Qatari Women's Pen Forum the first competition for women handicrafts entitled "Inspired by the women craft heritage" in an effort to highlight the role of Qatari women in craft heritage creativity and the great opportunities offered to allow them to exchange ideas and experiences, in addition to introduce the Qatari women works and documenting the Qatari national identity.

The participation must be 18 years old or older and choose to work on a vocabulary related to the women artisan heritage: Al-Marash, Sadu and mukhala and to employ it in contemporary creative works; products or handicrafts or souvenirs, which contributes to the inspiration of its values.

Those ladies wishing to participate in this competition must submit a sample of products or handicrafts or souvenirs to the Qatari Women's Pen Forum in Building 18 (first floor), not later than August 15, 2020. The samples should be specifically created for this competition. The winner of the 1st place will receive QR25000, and the winner the 2nd winner will receive QR20000, as for the 3rd winner she will receive QR15000.

Among other competitions in literature, painting and caricatures of this summer is the Katara Novel and Fine Art competition, as the participant will draw a painting for the cover of the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel 2020 publications, in the categories of published and unpublished novels and unpublished boys' novels.

The winner will receive an amount of USD 500 and his painting and name will be on the cover of the novel.

The participation is through the website of the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel or via email, and the deadline to send your work is 10 July 2020.

A group of weekly competitions such as Meshwar and Novel competition by signing in the application Katara publishing House, each winner will receive 1000 USD per week. Al-Dhad channel competition for the content of the (Al-Dhad-Katara Channel) on YouTube by registering on the website, and each winner will receive USD1000 per week.

Katara also launched the Katara caricatures Competition, as the participant has to present a caricature about the experience of working from home or homeschooling. The 1st winner will receive USD 5000 , the 2nd will receive USD 4000, and the 3rd winner will receive USD 3000, as for the 4th winner he will receive USD 2000, and the 5th winner will receive USD 1000.

The participant has to send his work no later than 15 August 2020 by scanning or imaging in jpg or jpeg format.

In inline events in theater, fine-arts and astronomy, the Katara theater weekly activities are among the virtual shows that will be presented weekly through Katara accounts on social networking sites, as the public will be able to follow performances inspired by the texts of an international or Arab play, with the participation of a distinguished group of artists, in addition to a variety of virtual exhibitions of fine-art artists, as well as seminars, lectures and weekly workshops related to culture, literature, heritage and the arts.

On the other hand, Al-Thuraya Planetarium will present many activities in astronomy and space, as the annular eclipse of the sun will be observed this month on 21 June live from Muscat through social media platforms of Katara, in addition to publications of the Eclipse and astronomical events presented every week through introductory videos via social media accounts of Katara.

(Source: Qatar News Agency - QNA)