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Posted On: 7 September 2016 07:22 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

Call to ban animated film Bilal in Qatar trends on Twitter

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A Twitter hashtag to ban animated feature film Bilal is trending top in Qatar.

Bilal is the first animated feature film produced in UAE and made its regional debut on Sunday night ahead of its general release in cinemas on Thursday.

The film also premiered in Qatar yesterday. It was also shown during the last Ajyal film festival in Doha.

The hash tag #منع_فيلم_بلال_في_قطر (ban Bilal film in Qatar) has been trending in Qatar for some time now.

Critics of the film, who are miffed with the movie for the portrayal of historic Islamic characters, say that film distorts facts and doesn’t show the sequence of events accurately.

Some critics want the ban as they feel showing faces of companions of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is not right.

Expecting such criticism, the producer had said in a press conference earlier that the film is inspired by a true story.

The film tells the story of Bilal, an African slave in 7th-century Arabia who wins his freedom and becomes a great leader and warrior.

The film has also found many supporters who are tweeting in support of the film. Many were proud of the fact that film was made in the Gulf and describe it “amazing”.

Reviews of the movie on UAE media praised the film as fascinating. It was also appreciated by many when it debuted at the Ajyal film festival.

“Nonetheless, the movie is a fascinating glimpse into an important period in the history of the region, and the attention to detail paid to the costumes and backgrounds gives an authentic impression of the historical period,” The National said in its review.

The debate is raging among the twitterati and we will have to wait and see the final outcome. (Source)