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Posted On: 24 August 2014 05:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:52 pm

Baraem TV showcases a theatrical performance entitled “Together for Good" at Doha Exhibition Center for a month and a half

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Some of the audience who attended the play.

Baraem channel, which is considered as one of the popular children's channels in the Arab world, aims to be engaged with its viewers in order to provide them with useful and distinctive contents. Therefore, Baraem TV showcases the theatrical performance entitled “Together for Good “, at Doha Exhibition Center. There will be two shows every Friday and Saturday for a month and a half, starting from 8 to 27 September 2014. The first show starts at 4:30 pm, where the second show starts at 8:15 pm.


The content and the performance of the show have scored a big success andattracted a large number of crowds, who interacted enthusiastically with the show. In this regard, Mr.Saad Al-Hudaifi, Acting Executive General Manager, and Channel’s Director, Stated, “We have consistently been providing edutainment concepts that are in line with the recent events as well as depending on educational methods that are consistent with the target age. Also, we are using advanced and comprehensive technological means to achieve our targets and now we are observing the success of the show through the audience interaction, who were applauding and imitating some of the actors movements” . He Added, “We always seek to spread the spirit of teamwork among children as well as instilling and encouraging the good values and ideals for a promising and talented generation that will assist in building a society with a strong foundation”.

“Together for Good “plot revolves around the concept of teamwork and focuses on the importance of helping each other and the good deeds through fund-raising at which the popular characters: Fafa, Teela, Toula and Iman, the presenter have participated , using simple movements and expressive language through dancing revue and upbeat music


Turning the stories into a play contributes to introduce the important and interesting information to children, especially when it is performed in a realistic way. In this context, Mr. Elias Khoury, Senior Producer at Baraem TV, said, ” The message that we want to convey to all the children through this show is to stress the importance of good values and to encourage children to do good deeds ,as well as the idea of helping each other within an entertaining and enjoyable way for kids” .

It is noteworthy that Baraem TV has demonstrated many theatrical performances that shed light on educational concepts, which encourage children to learn and instill good and useful values.