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Posted On: 15 December 2014 04:08 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:52 pm

Ashghal Welcomes School Children as Part of Qatar National Day Celebrations

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As part of the celebrations being organised by the Public Works Authority 'Ashghal' to mark Qatar's National Day, the authority has planned school visits within its National Day activities. As part of the initiative titled “Ashghal in the eyes of our children”, a group of students of different age groups visited the authority’s headquarters.

This initiative came as part of the authority’s efforts to enhance its communication with the young generations, who represent an essential segment of the society, and to encourage their interests, and make them aware of their key role in developing the country.

The authority has developed a full programme for students, which includes briefing them about the Public Works Authority, its departments, specialisations, and core projects. Students were welcomed by Ashghal’s officials and engineers, who later gave them a field tour to introduce them to the important areas of Ashghal’s projects, which are the Roads projects, the Buildings projects, and the Drainage projects. Engineers responsible for each area gave a detailed explanation to students through a presentation about the nature and components of its projects, latest achievements, and projects to be implemented in the future.

The school visit also included a tour in Ashghal’s Heritage Village, which was held for the first time this year. Ashghal’s Heritage Village is a small model of the real old Qatari village with its diverse cultural elements. The village presents popular legacies left by our parents and grandparents, such as Qatari customs, traditions, activities, crafts, businesses, among others. Students reviewed and experienced the traditional activities, crafts, and traditional products of Qatar’s history.

Commenting on the schools visits initiatives, Mr. Abdulla Saad Al Saad, Manager of the Public Relations and Communications Department said: “This year we were keen to intensify the participation of students from different age groups in the events and activities of the National Day celebrations organised by Ashghal each year. We believe that the National Day is all about strengthening patriotism and spirit of belonging in the hearts of the new generation."

Al Saad Added, “While planning the schools visits programme we made sure to educate students about the authority’s role and projects. Our aim from this initiative is to show young students and new generations that there are various ways to express love for their country. One of the best ways is through hard work, contributing towards and participating in achieving the ambitious vision of Qatar. We hope this initiative will inspire the new generation to think about their future and encourage them to engage in the fields of engineering and construction to effectively contribute in the country’s development.”

The Public Works Authority celebrates Qatar's National Day every year by organising a programme that includes a number of initiatives and activities inspired by the Qatari heritage and culture. The programme is aimed at familiarising the participants, especially the youth, with traditions and old customs, and strengthening their patriotism and spirit of belonging.

This year Ashghal’s National Day celebrations included a number of initiatives and activities that aim to introduce Ashghal employees, consultants and visitors to the old traditions.

Activities this year included a new initiative under the slogan "Qatarna, Our Past and Present" which aims at creating the largest album showcasing images of Qatar's past and present, Ashghal’s activities also included “Ashghal’s Heritage Village” which will be the umbrella of many activities. The village hosts a traditional market featuring many shops and boutiques of traditional crafts and occupations that were practiced on a daily basis in the past.