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Posted On: 23 July 2018 03:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

All you need to know before you go to KidzMondo Doha!

Khadiza Begum
Khadiza Begum
Content Writer
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KidzMondo Doha is based on the concept of ‘edutainment’, where children can roleplay many different adult activities inspired by genuine occupations from real life industries.

This mini city has its own economy and currency (Kidlar), public services and over 80 different professional roleplay activities in a safe, interactive and educational environment, where kids can simulate a profession, wear the respective uniforms and perform the roles demanded by that profession just as they would in the adult world.

We recently took a journey to this wonderful little world. So come along with us and discover more about this amazing city.

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KidzMondo Doha Airport

 KidZMondo Airport
(Photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)

To begin with, visitors to KidzMondo check in at highly realistic Qatar Airways check-in desks and receive a “boarding pass,” along with a cheque for the amount of 50 Kidlar.

 KidZMondo boarding pass
(Photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)

The boarding pass allows you and your family or friends to enter the “city” of KidzMondo. You will also receive a city map to make getting around the establishment so much easier, but to ease any worries regarding getting lost, you also receive a Radio Frequency Identification Security Bracelet. Don’t forget to keep your boarding pass safe because later on, you have to present this to the bank in order to get Kidlar (money) that you will use once you are inside KidzMondo.

Kids Bank, the currency (Kidlar) and understanding the concept of money

QIIB bank, KIdzMondo

(Photo credit:Khadiza Begum)

Once you enter the city, you have to admit that this place looks incredibly promising. It is the intrigue that captures you – the amazing range of possibilities for your children to learn whilst having fun! You approach the bank and cash the cheque – (you will easily find a branch of QIIB bank as soon as you enter the city) – and now you have Kidlar, the official currency of KidzMondo! The good news is that you can change or deposit at the bank at any time on your journey, and spend it just like real money to buy, for example, something from the supermarket, pay the bill in a restaurant or enjoy many other services. (It is even more exciting to learn that Kidlar can be used in all KidzMondo cities around the world!) These small decisions, tiny as they may seem, are incredibly important as their effective management by your children truly show them a real and lasting appreciation of the value of earned money. You can be a customer or a service provider, a saver or a spender, cautious or speculative - just like real life.

Work and earn

Firefighter KidzMondo Doha
(Photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)

Just like the real world, children then go on to earn and spend money by taking part in activities. And as part of the realism of KidzMondo, they also reap the benefits of the working world by gaining financial literacy, learning how to budget, spend and save their money.

Press, KidzMondo Doha
(Photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)

And how do they earn that money in the first instance? Well, there are more than 60 interesting and challenging jobs to be found in the city including joining the police, being cabin crew, saving your smiles as a dentist, saving lives as paramedics and firefighters, being beauticians, house painters, car washers and much much more!

KidzMondo Doha
(Photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)

You can move freely throughout the city and choose any profession. And once you get a job, you have to dress up in a realistic uniform as per your profession and perform guided tasks to earn your wage. Don’t get scared if you see a huge fire in the city - soon afterwards you will see dedicated firefighters dressed in headgear and protective fire jackets arrive and put out the fire! The role-play areas at KidzMondo are one of the most fascinating aspects of the whole concept of ‘edutainment’ and are representative of the most common business services and industries that contribute to a city’s growing economy.

Spend and donate

Supermarket, KidzMondo Doha

So you have worked all day to earn your money and acquired enough hands-on learning experience to know the true value of working hard for your money. You may decide that it is time to chill out and spend that money to buy from the supermarket or be pampered.

And yet, you could also choose to do something philanthropic and healing with that money. And with the knowledge that we all have responsibilities to our community being reinforced in your children’s mind by the incredible staff, they will also be trained on how to collect donations from various operating establishments in the city of KidzMondo to serve local communities.

Save save save!

Currency, KindzMondo Doha

(Photo credit: Khadiza Begum)

Finally, be sure to go back to the bank before leaving KidzMondo. All your hard-earned Kidlar can be transferred to an ATM card with your child’s name and when you return to KidzMondo in the future, you can use that card in the ATM machine beside the bank to withdraw Kidlar.

It is clear that KidzMondo Doha offers many enriching and uniquely child centred activities that educate in a safe and stimulating environment. By constantly improving the range and quality of their ‘edutainment’ the staff at KidzMondo are committed to providing children with activities that set them apart from other centres. Which ensures that not only is your child’s visit memorable, but totally unique!

Ticket Price

Below 1 year old: complimentary
1 - below 4 years old: QR 90
4 - 14 years old: QR 135
Above 14 years old - adults: QR 90
Special needs: QR 85


Saturday - Thursday: 10 AM - 10 PM Friday: 1:00 PM - 10 PM

Contact details

Location: Mall of Qatar, Doha
Phone:+974 4028 5888 Fax:+974 4028 5800
Email: [email protected](General Inquiries)

(Cover photo credit: KidzMondo Doha)