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Posted On: 10 September 2020 09:45 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:07 pm

Ulster University (UU) Qatar to welcome its first cohort

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Deadline to apply: September 20

Ulster University is excited about the start of this new academic journey, with its first cohort of foundation and business students in Qatar joining on September 13th for the induction, and classes commencing on September 20th (last joining date on October 4th).

While Ulster University will put its students outside their comfort zone, challenge them on a daily basis and expect them to solve problems both in teams and independently, just like they would in their future careers, it's sure that they will rise up to the challenge.

Ulster University's teaching methodology motivates, inspires and guides its students along their journey to becoming independent learners and inspirational future leaders, with the skills, knowledge and experience that employers are looking for within various industries today.

Ulster University is firmly committed to protecting the learning outcomes and the academic integrity of its degree in these unprecedented circumstances. Its lecturers have repurposed its education provision to maintain the continuity of teaching through both regular “face to face” classes and digital channels when needed.

Ulster University's students will be geared up for further study at postgraduate level, should they wish to pursue their post-graduate studies. The programmes offered at Ulster University Qatar are the exact same as the ones offered in the UK. Examinations and their re-sit run in parallel with the UK, with all the work externally verified for quality assurance.

Ulster University invites its students to make the most out of their experience, think critically, appreciate scenarios from different points and question the material that they study. It is confident that their hard work and effort will invoke positive changes within them and set them up to be the best leaders for tomorrow, in Qatar and around the world.

The University is definitely looking forward to celebrating its students’ success upon their graduation.

Why study at Ulster University

Students can now study for a quality UK Business Studies Degree at Ulster University in the heart of Doha. With employability at the heart of the student experience and small cohorts that will ensure individual attention and extra student support. What is even more exciting is that students have the option to work whilst they study (day and evening classes), as well as to spend one semester in one of their campuses in the UK. Flexible payment plans and simple application process (with no application fee)!

Ulster University Rankings

  • 6th business school in the UK
  • awarded the most improved student experience in the UK (in 2016), with an overall 94% student satisfaction
  • ranks top 25% of all institutions in the UK for overall Research (in 2014)
Ulster University (UU) Qatar to welcome its first cohort


The current temporary campus is in Abu Hamour/ Barwa Commercial Avenue with a new campus being built in Lusail.

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