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Posted On: 14 March 2023 01:06 pm
Updated On: 14 March 2023 01:37 pm

Two female students design a sensor to protect students in school buses after unfortunate death of student

Fareeha Imtiaz
Fareeha Imtiaz
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Two female students design sensor protect students buses after unfortunate death child

The Al Sharq Newspaper reported on 14 March 2023 that two female students from Al Andalus Primary School for Girls have invented a sensor device that can be used in school buses to protect students from any unfortunate incidents.

The invention came after the unfortunate death of a kindergarten student occurred in Al Wakra in September 2023, where the child had fallen asleep and left on the bus for many hours.

The students named Maha Abdullah Al Marri and Rana Muhammad were present on the "Fiel Duha" program on Qatar TV where they discussed and explained their invention.

They explained that the device can be placed on the door of the school bus and will count the students that enter the bus. The sensor will also count the number of students exiting the bus and will showcase a number on a screen, alerting the driver or those in charge for any children who might still be on the bus.


Source: Al Sharq
Cover image credit: Qatar Television