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Posted On: 27 November 2022 09:40 am
Updated On: 27 November 2022 10:13 pm

Why Step by Step Centre for Special Needs is the right choice for children with disabilities

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
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Choosing the right educational centre for children with special needs can be challenging. Each child is different and requires personalized care to ensure they are comfortable, socialised, and responsive.

Here is where the Step by Step Centre for Special Needs shines. Get to know this highly regarded Ministry of Education and Higher Education licensed special needs centre for children and why you should consider them for your child's care and development.

Step by Step Centre for Special Needs

Step by Step Center
Image credit: Step by Step Center for Special Needs

The Step by Step Centre for Special Needs, founded in 2011 and licensed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, provides a holistic approach and a conducive environment for learning and development that children with disabilities and additional needs thrive in.

The centre believes in inclusivity and aims to be the leading service provider for special needs education using holistic approaches and evidence-based methods to better develop the children’s academic, social, and emotional needs while expertly supporting them with their complex learning difficulties and differences.

As a licensed provider of the EarlyBird Parent Programme (by the National Autistic Society), Step by Step Centre for Special Needs supports parents and caregivers of toddlers ages five years and below diagnosed with autism.

Step by Step Centre for Special Needs is also ISO9001:2015 certified with an effective internal management system.

Due to high demand from families and external agencies, services were extended in 2019, and Step by Step Institute in Abu Hamour area was launched and is licensed by the Ministry of Public Health.

Meet the team

Step by Step Center Team
Image credit: Step by Step Center for Special Needs

It is extremely important that children are guided by well-experienced teachers who know how to understand and approach your child's needs. The right teacher makes the biggest difference in how children learn and develop.

Step by Step Centre for Special Needs' team consists of special education teachers and learning assistants who are highly trained and qualified in specific strategies tailored for neuro-diverse children. Instructional teaching methods, materials, and tools used are evidence-based.

Group sessions are taught by a special education teacher and two classroom learning assistants. Individual and group sessions on behaviour, occupational speech, and language skills are conducted by specialist trainers.

What are the programs offered?

Step by Step Center
Image credit: Step by Step Center for Special Needs

The programs offered at Step by Step Centre for Special Needs are tailored to the child depending on the age and functioning level.

Early Intervention Program (EIP)

Ideal for younger children who experience difficulties with play, interaction, cognitive abilities, speech, language, and communication skills.

The program focuses on small group instructions facilitated by specialized teachers who modify the foundation stage curriculum to meet the individual needs of the children.

Children will be exposed to controlled learning and socialization activities that develop the following attributes:

  • Problem-solving
  • Sitting tolerance
  • Attention
  • Turn-taking
  • Letter knowledge
  • Knowledge of sounds
  • Early phonics

Stimulating activities include:

  • Cooperative play
  • Tactile and sensory games
  • Storytelling
  • Group reading activities
  • Pretend or imaginative play

Intermediate Comprehensive Program (ICP)

If you are planning to transition your child into general education classes, the ICP is designed to provide the needed support to equip them for the change.

This program takes a holistic approach tailored for each child through Individual Educational Plans (IEP) to ensure that the child receives the proper support needed. Trainers specializing in behaviour, speech, and language collaborate to assess each child, determine individual goals, create a specialized plan, and monitor and track progress.

ICP focuses on the following:

  • Academic learning
  • Social interaction
  • Communication
  • Behaviour modification
  • Motor skills
  • Independence skills

Individual and group intervention sessions are also included in this comprehensive program.

Pathway to Independence Program

Is your little one growing up? Make sure they are prepared for independence and adulthood with the Pathway to Independence Program.

Intended for older children ages 12 and above, the Pathway to Independence Program is a flexible course offering an opportunity to develop independence, vocational, and functional competencies into early adulthood.

Customized educational programs are tailored to the individual's learning style, needs, and interests. Activities facilitated are aimed at developing digital literacy, self-management, competencies in utilizing resources, professional communication, and interview skills.

The curriculum includes six interchangeable assessment protocols:

  • Academic or school skills
  • Basic living skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Community participation
  • Home skills
  • Vocational skills

Individually tailored intervention sessions

If there are certain areas in which your child is having difficulties, Step by Step Centre for Special Needs' individually tailored intervention sessions offer a more personalized learning experience that focuses on the needed core areas.

This program is focused on improving all areas of basic skills and functioning:

  • Speech
  • Voice
  • Language skills
  • Communication skills
  • Sensory processing
  • Feeding
  • Handwriting
  • Activities of daily living
  • Motor skills
  • Behaviour modification and management

Academic and Skills Enrichment Program

Hobbies and activities play a big role in a child's personal development and provide a fun and fulfilling outlet that may even lead to career paths. Allow your child to discover new hobbies or enhance their skills with the Academic and Skills Enrichment Program.

A hybrid program that offers children a variety of hands-on learning opportunities to enhance their academic and vocational skill sets through engaged learning facilitated by specialists.

The curriculum includes:

  • Core subject support
  • Digital literacy
  • Crafts foundation skills (resin art, Saori weaving, candle making, culinary, and barista skills)

How Step by Step Centre for Special Needs goes above and beyond

Step by Step Center
Image credit: Step by Step Center for Special Needs

Step by Step Centre for Special Needs works to empower children, youth, and their families. Collaboration with the child's family is an important aspect of the child's development to ensure their training is supported.

Integrating with the community, Step by Step Centre for Special Needs works closely with community stakeholders to deliver inclusion-oriented services to benefit the youth and their families.

The centre is a member of the Qatar Museums Authority Academic Committee and represents the disability community. They create specialized lesson plans for the curriculum alignment program.

To ensure that developments in specialized education are continuously supported, the Step by Step Centre for Special Needs contributes to Hamad Bin Khalifa University and Qatar University research initiatives.

The centre has taken part in the Accessibility Forum by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and has contributed to establishing accessibility features and services for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Over the years, numerous children are mainstreamed successfully in various regular schools after receiving very effective intervention plans established by the Step by Step Centre for Special Needs.

Finally, Step by Step Centre for Special Needs is a place where children and their families are welcomed and encouraged to become the best they can be!


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