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Posted On: 16 February 2022 05:33 pm
Updated On: 16 February 2022 05:43 pm

Schools to resume extra-curricular activities, school trips: Education Ministry

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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced the resumption and implementation of extra-curricular school activities, including school trips in their various educational stages, during the current 2021/2022 school year.

Head of Programs and Activities at the Ministry Fatima Yousef Al Obaidli said in a statement that school activities play a prominent role in educating students, developing their talents, discovering their various abilities and affecting their personality and future life.

With reference to the suspension of all sports activities, events, lectures, seminars and visits during the 2020/2021 school year, and given the resumption of studies in the schools of the Ministry of Education at a rate of 100%, and to implement the role of school activities and in order to adhere to preventive measures to preserve the safety of students, the mechanism for implementing school activities has been implemented, by resuming trips, various activities, and awareness-raising meetings in schools for the 2021/22 school year, she explained.

The Ministry of Education confirmed that school activities are among the modern concepts used in education and among the most important practices through which school materials can be employed in a way that serves the environment and enhances the educational process, stressing that extra-curricular school activities have an effective impact on the educational process and sometimes exceeds the impact of education in the classroom.

Source: QNA