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Posted On: 22 May 2019 11:18 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:03 pm

Qatari students enrolling in UK universities are on the rise, say statistics

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There were 2,860 Qatari students enrolled at UK universities during the 2017/18 academic year, based on official higher education statistics by The fresh figures suggest a 30% increase compared to more than three years ago.

The UK prides itself as the second most popular study destination in the world. According to the latest enrollment statistics, UK universities count more than 458,000 international students.

Part of this large and diverse community of foreigners at British campuses are also students from Qatar whose number has been increasing significantly in recent years. Moreover, official records show that UK is now the top favourite choice for Qatari students abroad.

Last year (2018), 183 Higher Education providers in UK reported for a number of 2,860 Qatari students. Compared to three years ago when there were 2,200 students from the Asiatic country, a large increase of 30% is noted.

By country of higher education provider, most of these students chose English universities.

Statistically, 85% or 2,430 Qatari students in absolute numbers were attending university in England. On the other hand, 270 students were enrolled in Welsh universities, 150 in Scottish universities and only 10 in Northern Ireland.

Further on, the statistical data reveals that the majority of Qatari students in UK were pursuing undergraduate degrees. According to statistics, 2,235 students were studying at the undergraduate level as opposed to 630 postgraduate students.

These statistics seem to be a result of the strong links that Qatar and the UK have maintained in the context of higher education in recent years and successful higher education campaigns.

With UK universities still making into the list of the best universities in the world and their global education standards, it is likely that many more students from Qatar will gravitate toward UK universities.

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(Cover image source: University of Aberdeen's website)