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Posted On: 11 July 2019 09:46 am

Municipality of Al Shamal joins UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

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The National Commission for Education, Culture and Science of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced that Al Shamal Municipality has joined the membership of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

The announcement came during a press conference held Wednesday by Secretary-General of the National Commission for Education, Culture and Science Dr. Hamda Hassan Al Sulaiti, and Director of Al Shamal Municipality at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Hamad Jomaa Al Mannai. The press conference shed light on the importance of this membership, its terms and conditions and the target society.

Dr. Al Sulaiti said that the State of Qatar aspires to win the UNESCO Learning Cities Award, noting that joining the Network enables Qatar's municipalities to share ideas with other cities, learn best practices, learn how to address climate change challenges, ensure sustainability and public safety, reduce poverty, promoting economic growth and employment and managing demographic, in addition to other challenges related to sustainable development. She added that learning improves the quality of life and qualifies citizens to anticipate and meet new challenges, helps build better and more sustainable societies, promotes partnerships and capacity development in all areas.

Dr. Al Sulaiti congratulated HE Minister of Municipality and Environment Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Subaie for this great achievement which is the realization of Al Shamal Municipality of all the normative requirements related to a range of aspects of life, especially the issue of education for sustainable development, climate change, health, environmental damage and economic and cultural prosperity, laying the foundations for sustainable development, which enabled the municipality to join the Network.

She explained that the "Learning City" is a city that is keen on mobilizing its resources in all sectors effectively to promote inclusive learning from basic education to higher education, stimulate and facilitate learning within and across families and communities, extends the use of modern learning technology and enhances quality and excellence in learning, including the promotion of a lifelong learning culture, in addition to enhancing individuals' capacities, social cohesion, economic and cultural prosperity and sustainable development.

Dr. Al Sulaiti praised the file of Al Shamal Municipality and said that it was diverse and rich in the quality of the services provided by the Municipality to citizens, including educational, health, sports, cultural and environmental services, in addition to the efficient management of resources and the introduction of alternatives and options for sustainable transport. She noted that Al Shamal Municipality is the second in Qatar to join the UNESCO Learning Cities after Al Wakrah Municipality joined the Network in 2017, adding that the municipalities of Al Khor, Dhakira and Shahaniya also submitted files to joint the Network and the results are expected soon.

For his part, Al Mannai expressed pleasure for Al Shamal Municipality's joining of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, which adds to Qatar's international, regional and local achievements under its wise leadership.

He said that Al Shamal Municipality, within the framework of the sustainable strategy of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, is keen on adopting and disseminating the concepts of sustainability through many programs, projects and initiatives implemented in cooperation and partnership with civil society organizations.

He noted that the strategy adopted by the Municipality contributed to the concept of sustainability through planning for an integrated city that provides a suitable environment for future generations and contributes to the development of the society and the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030.

He underlined that Al Shamal Municipality has made great efforts to promote awareness of sustainability and green buildings, in addition to its awareness efforts in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, to teach school students the foundations of green buildings and their principles in practical life.

Al Mannai underlined that the accomplishments achieved by the State of Qatar in the various fields are always a source of pride and give a clear message to the whole world that Qatar is on the right track, which reinforces its prestigious status, especially in education and culture.

Source: QNA