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Posted On: 24 March 2022 09:37 am
Updated On: 27 March 2022 11:50 am

Ministry releases statement on the alleged beating of a private school student

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has recently posted their official statement on the clarification of facts regarding the alleged assault of a private school student by a teacher.

Below is the full statement from the ministry:

​The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has been closely following up reports - dated 21 March 2022 - about a private school student being severely beaten by one of the school's teachers, resulting in several bruises and abrasions all over the boy's body and forcing the school to call an ambulance and rush the student to the hospital emergency room for examination.

The Ministry immediately directed the Private Schools Affairs Department concerned team of the Private Education Affairs Sector to open an investigation and conduct an inspection visit to the school to be briefed about the incident. After hearing from the concerned students and eyewitnesses and having reviewed the playground CCTV footages, it has been found that:

First: The footage showed that the teacher did not assault the student at all.

Second: Based on the testimony of the students who were present at the time of the incident, they stated that a clash erupted between a group of Grade 7 students and the concerned student who is in Grade 8, after the latter forcibly entered the stadium and took the ball from them. Consequently, the Grade 7 students fought him and caused him to fall to the ground and sustain some bruises.

Third: The teacher, among others, immediately intervened to break up the fight between the students. He withdrew the concerned student and tried to keep him away from the playground for his safety and to prevent any escalation. The student resisted being taken out of the playground by the teachers and went to the school administration to call his parent.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education reiterates the importance of observing accuracy and objectivity regarding any incident related to the school community, be it related to our students, our teaching or administrative staff. The Ministry hereby states that it will not tolerate any violation of laws, instructions and regulations governing the educational process by any party whatsoever. The Ministry also calls upon everyone not to rush to publish false or incomplete information without verification and to obtain the investigation results from its official sources.

The Ministry is openly receiving any complaints or comments through its website, social media accounts, and its call center number 155.

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Source: Ministry of Education and Higher Education