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Posted On: 9 January 2021 03:01 pm
Updated On: 10 January 2021 10:28 am

Ministry of Education responds to the recent internet outage in schools

Leena Chung
Leena Chung
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Schools, kindergartens and higher education institutions can operate at 100% capacity: Ministry

In response to what has been circulated by the media regarding the recent Internet outage in some schools, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education released a statement to clarify the situation to the students, parents, and general public.

Official Statement:

First Outage
The first outage occurred on Sunday, 3 January 2021, in almost the majority of schools.
Action Taken
As soon as the affected schools reported the service outage, the Ministry's IT Department worked on fixing the technical issues that caused the problem. The service was restored fully in all schools at 1:00 pm.
Second Outage
The second service outage happened in all schools on Monday, 4 January 2021, at 7:15 am.

Action Taken
As soon as the service outage was reported, the IT Department checked the central computer room located at the Ministry to inspect the devices used for delivering the Internet to schools. The service devices were restarted using backup devices. At 8:00; 45 minutes after the outage was reported, the service was restored in all schools.
The Ministry affirms that the IT Department is monitoring all devices closely and continuously to prevent any further outage of service.
The Ministry also thanks to the school principals and teachers who responded instantly to this technical issue by uploading videotaped lessons and directing students who receive distance learning this week to benefit from the explanations and videos available on the Ministry's YouTube channel.

Source: Ministry of Education Qatar