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Posted On: 11 September 2020 06:32 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Ministry of Education confirms the blended learning process is to continue

Leena Chung
Leena Chung
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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education calls all parents and members of society not to believe in the rumors that are being circulated about the educational process, and to always verify with reliable sources.

The Ministry of Education confirms the blended learning for this academic year is continuing according to the plan - all schools keeping the necessary precautionary measures and health standards to ensure the safety of students, teaching, and administrative staff.

In the event of any classes in a school is closed, the parents of that class students will be informed by messages from the school administration, as well as the school's closure.

Qatar News Agency tweeted that Ministry of Education confirms the Blended Learning to continue
Qatar News Agency tweeted that the Ministry of Education confirms the Blended Learning to continue

Statement by Ministry of Education:

Blended learning plan is on track and minimized the risks related to COVID-19 at schools

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education stresses that the 'Blended Learning' plan adopted for the current academic year is being implemented as scheduled, with all public and private schools abiding by the precautionary measures and health controls to protect students, teachers and administrative staff from COVID-19.

The Ministry points out that the educational process in schools, which started on September 1st through the blended learning approach, is proceeding successfully and that it has greatly contributed to reducing physical presence of students in schools and, thus, minimizing the risks associated with COVID-19.

There is a limited number of COVID-19 positive cases identified in a few schools, which were dealt with in accordance with the established protocol and procedures. Students, for examples, were not allowed to attend to the classrooms where positive cases were detected. In addition, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) conducted swap tests in the schools to ensure that there were no more infected cases.

The Ministry affirms that if any certain classroom or entire school is closed, the school administration will notify parents of the closure via SMS. If the infection rate increases in any given classroom or school, the study in the respective classroom or school will be suspended, and students will be moved to distance learning.

To reassure parents, the Ministry emphasizes that there are designated teams who are responsible for monitoring the extent of compliance with the precautionary measures at schools.

They are also involved in proactively conductive medical examinations for students, teachers, and administrative staff. The established medical procedures are applied to anyone who tests positive for the virus. This is done in close coordination will all concerned authorities.

The Ministry once again calls on parents and all community members to not pay attention to the rumors that only aim at confusing the educational process. Only reliable sources should be referred to for the latest developments and updates on COVID-19 situation in Qatar.

Source: Qatar News Agency Twitter, Ministry of Education