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Posted On: 5 February 2020 09:45 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:06 pm

Ministry launches electronic system for school equivalence certificate

Sumaica Asad
Sumaica Asad
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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education launched on Tuesday an electronic school equivalence service as part of its online services to the public.

In a press conference, Assistant Undersecretary for the Evaluation Authority at the Ministry of Education Khalid Abdullah Al Harqan announced that this service will be applied in two phases: the first is for private school students in the State of Qatar and the second phase is concerned with the equivalence of certificates for students coming from abroad.

He pointed out that, in light of the increase in the number of private schools in Qatar, the movement in terms of students' transition from private education to government education and others who finish secondary school studies in private schools, everyone becomes in need of equivalence of their diplomas, especially since private schools have a variety of educational systems, all of which need to equate school certificates according to the educational scale of the State of Qatar.

He noted that many students of private schools, who are completing 12th grade in Qatar need to equivalence their school certificates, whether for university in Qatar or abroad or to join the labor market. In addition, the students who wish to change their type of education by transferring from private to government schools, which also requires the equivalence of the certificate to know which level of study they can be enrolled in.

About 7,000 requests were received in 2019 for the equivalence of school certificates, including 4,000 from within Qatar and 3,000 from abroad, Al Harqan revealed. He pointed out that the launch of this service starting Tuesday will facilitate for parents and students and will allow them to obtain the service through computers, as well as mobile phones.

He added that the Information Systems Management at the Ministry and the Based Equivalent Diplomas department have trained their employees in government service centers to assist parents and students with using the electronic system.

Al Harqan explained that the Ministry has a package of electronic services of concern to parents, which will be announced later, including those related to obtaining school certificates. He also reviewed the steps to enter the system and downloading the required documents, which are available within it, making it easier for the guardian to take the required action and receiving the official equivalence to their child's certificate, academic level and percentage obtained.

Meanwhile, Director of Students Information Centre at the Ministry Ibrahim Rajab Al Kuwari talked about the advantages of the electronic system and the facilities provided for the parents, students and the public, thanking the team that worked on this program.

He said that any person can submit a request for equivalence of certification and obtain the result according to each category, as some transactions may be completed within 24 hours and some within 48 hours, according to the certificate equivalency policy in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The main page for the equivalence of certificates and pre-approval includes three services, which are the equivalence of school certificates, the equivalence of university degrees, and the prior approval of university study on private expense.

The applicant for school equivalence service must have a residence permit in the State of Qatar.

Source: QNA