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Posted On: 10 November 2021 01:00 pm
Updated On: 10 November 2021 03:58 pm

English Modern School in Doha to be a certified “Google Reference School”

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The English Modern School in Doha has been recently recognized by Google as a school in Qatar to be a certified “Google Reference School”.

For over 4 years, the school has been providing the students 21st-century learning experiences by integrating innovative technology and Google for Education Products; like Google Workspace for Education, Chromebooks, and Chrometablets. These tools are easily accessible, time-saving, and they maintained students engagement in and out of class.

With the current presence of 73% Google Certified Educators and 2 Google Certified Trainers on the Doha campus, The English Modern School submitted their Google Story of Impact on the 21st of September 2021, and within a few weeks on the 26th of October 2021, the school got accepted in this international program, becoming the first certified “Google Reference School” in Qatar.

“Google Workspace for Education has made us a collaborative community of knowers. It has transformed our access to information. No longer is our thought isolated and individualised. We are a community of knowers, sharing and engaging in the critical examination of ideas, knowledge and belief. Classrooms no longer demarcate the boundaries of learning. Not even lockdown can curtail our educational engagement. For students and teachers, Google Workspace for Education has been the glue that has kept our learning community together and the platform for our creativity”, Alan Morley, Head of School at English Modern School in Doha.

In 2019, the school hosted Google Summit and they are currently planning one for the upcoming year. This recognition opens the door for The English Modern School to become Internationally recognized by a technological leader “Google for Education”, other than the current accreditations from “The New England Association of Schools and Colleges” (NEASC), “Qatar National Standards of Accreditation” (QNSA), and the membership in “The Council of International Schools” (CIS).

“During my 15 years at the English Modern School, Doha, I have witnessed many changes; none of the changes compares to what Google achieved in a much shorter period. Google is to students today what notebook paper was to the children of generations past. Sure, students still have notebook paper, but our students are more likely to reach for a Chromebook than a notebook for taking notes in class. We could provide our textbooks on time as most of them are online resources and utilised the full spectrum of Google tools”, Jaco Anderson, Secondary Principal at English Modern School.

Source & Cover image credit: Press release