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Posted On: 1 June 2023 01:00 pm
Updated On: 1 June 2023 11:17 am

Meet Yazeed Alhajri - gaming content creator and e-sports caster

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Yazeed alhajri gaming content creator e sports caster

The e-sports scene in Qatar is vibrant, with many talents emerging in tournaments and online platforms.

For this edition of ILQ Level Up, the team caught up with Yazeed Alhajri, a gaming content creator specializing in Call of Duty, and an e-sports tournament caster in Qatar.

ILQ: Can you tell us about yourself and the content you make?

Yazeed: My name is Yazeed Alhajri, and I am a video gamer, content creator, YouTuber, and streamer on multiple platforms.

I started my journey more than 12 years ago. My older brother and I had a channel that got nearly 100k subscribers from 2014 until 2017, but we had to stop due to personal issues.

I tried to go solo on making content. I didn't have a perfect start, but eventually, I made my way into this field, and now I make Call of Duty (CoD) content on TikTok and YouTube.

ILQ: When and how did you start gaming?

Yazeed: I started playing games when I was about 2-3 years old on the PlayStation (PS) 1, PlayStation 2, and the Nintendo Family Console. I remember I used to play Duck Hunt and Hyper Olympic.

My mom tells me a story about when I was young, and all my siblings went to school; I used to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PS 2. She said that whenever she came into the room, she would see me playing the game with a chainsaw and running after people, and she thought it was hilarious.

From that time onwards, I started playing nearly every day until this day. Now that I am older, it is more than just games. It's a business and a career for me, being a content creator and streamer.

ILQ: How did you start streaming? What got you into it?

Yazeed Alhajri
Image credit: Yazeed Alhajri (right)

Yazeed: As I said, my brother was into streaming and content creation. He was streaming a lot, and I liked the idea of people watching you live. You can interact and chat with them for hours.

I started streaming in 2018 when Fortnite first came out. I started streaming on YouTube and had great support from the viewers then. Because of my schedule, I went on and off until COVID-19 came. That's when I went back to streaming and creating content.

It was doing great until 2021, and I fell ill for nearly two years. It was hard for me to move from my bed because of my sickness, but that didn't stop me.

I went back to creating content and streaming in 2022 but had a plan this time. I vowed that no matter what happened, I would not stop following my dream in this field. Thanks to God and the fans who follow and support me, I'm in a great position now and will always keep pursuing more.

ILQ: What do you love about streaming?

Yazeed Alhajri
Image credit: Yazeed Alhajri

Yazeed: I love talking, interacting with my viewers live, and showing them my skills. I also enjoy creating weapon loadouts of their choice on Call of Duty during the stream and helping each other to grind.

It's all about the followers. Unlike the YouTube videos I upload, they ask me to try new games and ask my opinions on things live and unedited. They also show their support and love by donating and gifting stuff during my broadcasts. I love seeing my followers happy whenever I interact with them.

ILQ: Can you tell us about your process in selecting the best attachments and tuning for guns on Call of Duty?

Yazeed: Oh wow, that is a good question!

The process starts with me checking if CoD made any updates to the game. If a gun gets buffed (made stronger), I select that weapon and take it to the gunsmith locker, where I try out weapon attachments and play with the tunings. It sometimes takes me 1:30-2:30 hours. I then go to the firing range to test the combinations and adjustments I made. Then I hop into public matches to try it out in-game against real opponents.

Selecting the best attachments and tuning for guns depend on which game mode you want to use. For example, you can't add tuning in Rank Mode, which makes it harder to get clips because you'll be playing against high-skilled players. Multiplayer public matches, however, are fan favourites because you get to see the effect of the attachments and tuning up close in fast-paced gameplay.

The hardest one for me to play is Warzone, as it takes a lot of time and requires me to search for meta (most effective tactics available) loadouts for the primary and secondary weapons, as it constantly changes. I look for a heavy gun that can handle long ranges as my primary weapon and a smaller gun that can be used for short-range combat as my secondary, and I try out attachments and tuning, abiding by standards and rules.

For my primary weapon, I look for a loadout that has no recoil tune, one that can handle long ranges, and is buffed with damage. For the secondary, I look for a fast and small weapon like an SMG (sub-machine guns) that does well on short ranges, and has fast ADS (aim down sights). Getting clips on Warzone is challenging, but I've gotten used to it.

ILQ: Personally, which loadout do you use currently?

Yazeed: I always use VAZNEV-9K. It's the best loadout on Multiplayer/Rank/Warzone. It's a steady gun with perfect damage and the best at close range.

ILQ: Can you tell us about your tournament casting journey? How did you start?

Yazeed Alhajri casting
Image credit: Yazeed Alhajri

Yazeed: At first, it was all for fun. On my streams, I would invite people to a private server on Fortnite, and I did a small tournament with me casting the game. I did the same thing with Rocket League, where I invited my viewers to play 1v1 against each other.

Then a friend approached me to cast a tournament of my favourite game, CoD. So I went there and started casting, and the tournament managers (Team Mana) liked me and signed me along as a content creator and tournament caster for Rocket League and Call of Duty. I am now continuing my journey with them.

ILQ: What advice would you give those wanting to start creating gaming content or streaming?

Yazeed Alhajri
Image credit: Yazeed Alhajri

Yazeed: The first advice I'll give is don't stop no matter what and start with any equipment you have right now. It doesn't have to be a fancy camera, PC, or mic. You can get those with time, but you have to start, and at the time you start, you have to keep in mind that you have to be committed to what you are doing as a streamer or content creator.

You also have to create a schedule and stick with it. Consistently post and stream to gain the recommendation of YouTube and Twitch. Start pulling the rope now and keep pulling.

ILQ: Can you tell us about the gaming community in Qatar?

Yazeed: There are pros and cons to the gaming community in Qatar. Some community members are very shy and won't attend any LAN (Local Area Network) tournaments, even if they are pro players and high-skilled gamers with a lot of potential.

Lately, however, I have seen a better turnout of players coming to the tourneys. I think that gamers only need a push to start playing in public or even attend tourneys. They need to be recognized by responsible organizations.

I have also noticed more and more streamers trying to make it as TikTokers and YouTubers from Qatar, and I hope to see more in the future.

ILQ: Is there anything else you want to say or tell our readers?

Yazeed: First, I would like to thank for this great opportunity, and I would love to thank my followers for this incredible journey and the love they show me.

Check out Yazeed here:


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