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Posted On: 18 December 2013 12:40 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:50 pm

Woman duped of QR50,000 in bid to win husband’s love

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A Qatari woman said she had been duped of QR50,000 by an African man who claimed he could help her win over her husband’s love with his spiritual powers.

The woman said one fine day she got a call on her mobile phone which was from overseas as was obvious from the number displayed. She said she took the phone and a man spoke from the other end.

“He told me two women were after my husband and that he could help get rid of them.” The man gave some personal details about her husband which convinced her that he could be speaking the truth, according to the woman, reports Al Sharq.

“He told me he needed to do some rituals and for which he would need some money, but in the end the two women who were after my husband would vanish and he would shower all his love on me.” The woman said after talking to the man she got to know that he was from an African country.

“He asked me to send some money which I did.” The man, according to his victim, sent her a list of instructions to be followed in order for his rituals to be effective.

“I became hundred percent sure that those so-called rituals would work and I would eventually win my husband’s love. He would call me occasionally asking to send more money to do more rituals saying they weren’t over yet, and I obliged.” However, as time lapsed the woman said she realized that her husband’s attitude towards her remained entirely unchanged.

“It suddenly dawned on me one day that I was taken for a ride by a swindler. I had by then sent around QR50,000 to this man but to no avail.” Photo: