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Posted On: 24 March 2016 02:50 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:55 pm

What can you do with 100QR at Qatar Foundation or even less?

Noor Odeh
Noor Odeh
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By Noor Odeh

Are you soon going to be a part of the QF community? Or perhaps you have a friend who works or studies there? Well, we’re going to tell you how you can minimize your spending to QR 100 or less.


The most popular site in QF is the Student Center.The Student Center is frequented by students from the branch campuses in Education City and is also open to guests from outside QF. They have sports, entertainment, studying, and dining facilities. There are also other places in QF, which offer similar facilities, like the Recreation Center.

If you are a QF member you can go bowling, which costs five Qatari Riyals to bowl for ten frames. There is also an arcade where you can buy as many tokens as you want, each token being worth only one Qatari Riyal. There are games like Guitar Hero and air hockey. Say you want to use 10 tokens, that means you’re spending only QR 10.



So far you have spent QR 15, if you are a member. If you are a guest, bowling costs an extra five Qatari riyals.

For free, you can play billiards, table tennis and foosball. You can also play basketball, football, and go gymming for free. All you have to do is provide your QF I.D.

If you want to have a movie night with a bunch of friends, you can book the T.V. room online and plug in your laptop and enjoy a movie of your choice. You would probably want some delicious snacks to accompany your great movie, so you could head down to Sidra and buy yourself some treats. Say you spend about QR 20 on snacks.

So what do you (QF member) have left? Let’s see 15 plus 20 equals 35, which means you have QR 65 left.


Okay, so the movie is over and those snacks did not fulfill your appetite. You may decide to have food from the Student Center cafeteria. The average price of food from the cafeteria is around QR 30. Say you bought a plate of pasta for QR 24. You now have QR 41 left in your pocket.

You’re not restricted to the cafeteria food there is also a variety of different restaurants you can choose from like Elevation Burger, Papa John’s, Zaatar w Zeit and The Great American Bagel Bakery. If you’re feeling hot and want to cool down with some frozen yoghurt, you can get frozen yoghurt from Yogen Früz.